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Name Description Download
Abandoned Bricks A tetris clone with some different modes: classic, challenge and bastet. Click
Alizarin Tetris Tetris but with some innovations like multiplayer support (over a network with a PC) and skins. Click
AMazing 3D 3D maze solving game, based on the Win98 screensaver Click
Amoebax Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game Click
Balluz Rubiks-style puzzle game Click
Battlejewels Match coloured mana gems together Click
BeetleRun Clone of the puzzle game "Antrun" Click
Biniax Version of Biniax Classic game for GP2X. The port is completely based on original game source in C for PC. Click
BisfoG Sokoban remake Click
Blingo Clone of the internet game Slingo. Click
Blips A rockfall/sokoban clone Click
Blix2x Blix2x is a remake of Nick Kouvaris's flash game Blix. Click
Blockdude Reach the exit by moving boxes Click
Blocked Blocked is a puzzle game of the "match three or more" kind, but it is played a little differently like, lets say, Tilematch/Zoo Keeper. Click
Blockrage2x SDL port of Blockrage, a clone of columns. Click
Blocks Puzzle game developed in Pascal. Click
Blox Click
Bluecube2x A Tetris-like game. Click
Boomshine2x Create chain explosions. Click
Brass Munkey This is a puzzle game where you remove pairs of barrels with matching or consecutive values. Click
Bubbletrain Puzzle Bubble clone Click
Bubble Train Puzzle game in which you must eliminate all the bubbles on the track before you can proceed to the next round. Click
BubbleX Remove balls of the same colour next to each other. Click
Bunny Traps Bunny Traps is a twist of the classic Pen & Paper game Hangman. Click
Buscaminas A Minesweeper clone written in Fenix. Click
Cardmaster Cardmaster is a rpg card game like "Card Figters Clash" (Neo Geo Pocket). Click
Checkers Checkers. Click
Chess2X Chess. Click
CUBES Colour based puzzle game Click
Dabakka Puzzle game just like the Nintendo DS's Zoo Keeper game. Click
Deal or No Deal Puzzle game similar to TV gameshow of the same name. Click
Dogfull (Dubai Race) A board game you play with dice. Race against the computer. Click
duckmaze Duckmaze is a game about a duck that is in a maze. Click
DROD Dungeon crawling / puzzle game. Click
Electronia A strategic puzzle style game with multiple play modes. Click
Enigma Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd and Rock'n'Roll. Click
Entombed2x Click
Flobopuyo Clone of PuyoPuyo Click
FlowFlowMania Pipe Mania remake Click
Freecell The well-known card game. Click
Freecell2X An improved version of Freecell Click
Frozen Bubble 2x A port of Frozen Bubble, a Puzzle Bobble clone. Click
Fullboard A board game. Click
Gemdrop2x Port of Gemdropx, clone of Magical Drop 2. Click
Gnugo2x Port of GnuGO and its PSP frontend PSPGGO, allowing users to play the board game Go on their GP2X. Click
Godori A card game. Click
GP2X Rubik's Cube Rubik's cube puzzle Click
Gp2x - Gnu Chess Gnu Chess for the gp2x Click
GP2X-Tong A port of Tong - the Tetris and Pong game Click
GP2X_TLI GP2X Hangman Click
GPrina Click
GPSquares Rewrite of Akuma no Houkon's first GP32 game Click
Hanoi Towers of Hanoi Click
Hex-a-hop Hex-a-hop is a puzzle game based on finding paths through hexagonal tiles. Click
Hexbattle2x A remake of the Flash game Proximity Wars Click
Higher Or Lower GP2X Card game. Click
Hunt the Wumpus Accurate remake of the classic Texas Instrument game of the same name made back in 1980. Click
Laser2x Laser2x is a remake of the popular game Laser by Kauto ( Click
Lights Out A Lights Out clone. Click
LinesX Get 5 balls of the same colour in a line Click
LogicX A Picross-Game. Click
Lumix Lumines remake Click
Mancala Click
MagiJig A difficult logic puzzle game. Click
Manticore Clear levels by sliding bricks around Click
MasterPiece2x Columns clone. Click
Max in GhostPix Reveal a hidden picture using ghost powers and logic Click
MazeThingie A maze game Click
Memory A memory game in German Click
Memory GP2X Memory game Click
MetaPhysik Guide your ball around obstacles. Click
mk13 Make sum of two cards 13. Click
mkACE Remove cards and try to leave 4 Aces Click
mkONE Card game. Click
The Minigame Project2x A set of 22 minigames coded by various coders and maintained by Quiest. Click
MM2X MasterMind. Click
MoveSweep2X Minesweeper with a twist Click
N-tris Tetris Click
Net-Bubble A Puzzle Bobble Remake. Click
Nomis Memory/pattern game. Click
OmoK A game similar to the popular "Go" Click
Othello A remake of the board game Othello / Reversi Click
Oxo A simple game of noughts and crosses Click
ozgur hanoi Towers of Hanoi clone Click
PerfectFit Move the coloured blocks onto the same coloured circles Click
Pipes A Pipe Mania clone Click
Poker2x A fully skinnable poker game. Click
Puzzle Land Puzzle game, Daedalian clone. Click
pySlide A sliding puzzle game written in Python Click
pyTetris A Tetris port written using pygame Click
RetroVirus Click
Reword A simple word game where you are given a jumbled 6 letter word and must

find at least one valid 6 letter word from it to progress to the next level. Smaller 3, 4 and 5 letter words can be found to add to your score.

Robot Escape Pengo Click
Round Em Up Get the sheep into the sheep pen Click
Rubido Rubido is a reflexion single player game that is also known as chinese checkers. Click
S-Tris 2 A Tetris clone utilizing the EDGELIB game engine. Click
SachunsungX Mahjongg / Shanghai game. Click
SdLame SdLame is a Knights Game. Hotseat-mode only. Click
ShanghaiX Mahjongg / Shanghai game. Click
Simon2X A simple simon clone Click
Snowed In 5 - Flaked Out A christmasy bejeweled clone Click
Snowed In 6 - Deep Freeze Click
Sokoban Puzzle game where the player moves boxes around. Click
Solitaire2x Klondike Click
Space Squares Remove as many squares as possible Click
Squaresliding Pass over a certain number of squares on the board in order to complete a level Click
STPPC2x A port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 27 assorted puzzle games. Click
Sudoku Japanese numbers/puzzle game. Click
Sudoku2x Japanese numbers/puzzle game. Click
SuperSonicSpeed A physics puzzle game Click
Symbolica Click
TailTale Associate blocks by colour Click
TestMem2x Memorise the sequence of the colors and reproduce them. Click
Tetwins Tetris Click
ThreeTs TicTacToe game Click
Tilt Create a way through a maze Click
Tilematch An addictive puzzle game based on Nintendo DS's Zoo Keeper. Click
TileWorld2X Polished port of TileWorld, a Chip's Challenge interpreter. Includes over 500 levels. Click
Tunar Tunar is a fast paced puzzler using some advanced maths to simulate a school of tuna. Click
UNICOLOR A remake of the DS puzzle game Polarium Click
Vexed Move blocks to clear levels Click
War and Warriors An upcoming turn-based strategy game Click
Waternet A Pipe Mania clone Click
We Have Balls Connect and move Balls. Click
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Rotate the blocks to make matching elements dissapear Click
Wumbo's Adventure Similar to Chip's Challenge Click
Xenitris A tetris clone. Click
Xump Puzzle game featuring 32 levels Click
Yahtzee GP2X Quick Port of the board game Yahtzee from the GP32 to the GP2x. Click
Znax Znax is a remake of a game by Nick Kouvaris Click
Znumber2x A number board game Click

Shoot'em up

Name Description Homepage Download Developer
1945 A port of 1945, a 1942 remake. Click oyzzo

ADIC2x Click Paolo 'Neurox' Borzini

Airstrike Shoot'em up with dogfight. original game Click Multi devs

AlienBlaster website Click Pickle

AlienZ Click JTG
- supported but not optimized
Astrochaos Click Devilish games

Barrage A rather violent action game with the objective to kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes. [1] Click Jonn Blanchard

Bearoids An asteroids clone...with bears Click MrHillBilly

Bioshoot2x A shooter, available for the gp2x and GP32. website Click David Roberts

Birdshoot Kill the birds. Project Page [2] FagEmul

Blast Riot! A fast paced retro shoot-em-up. website Click Pete Covert

Blazar Classic arcade-style sidescrolling shoot-em-up game utilizing the EDGELIB game engine. Game site Elements Interactive

BugWars SE A shooter with bugs and butterflies website Click Amaka Soft

BunkerMaster2X Port of BunkerMaster. Project Page Click ParkyDR

C-Dogs Port of C-Dogs SDL. Project Page Click ParkyDR

DeathChase 3D Port of DeathChase 3D Click BestNrXYZ

Debian Vs Pimientos 2x Shoot'em Up where you beat pimments with Debian logo nav. Project Page Click hectorblanco

Dodgin' Diamond 2 This is a little shot'em up arcade game. It aims to be an 'old school' arcade game with low resolution graphics, top-down scroll action, energy based gameplay and different weapons with several levels of power. Original Site Click Wild[Kyo

EXI Shoot A game in the style of Space Invaders [3] Fagemul/Anata

Formido Port of Formido. This a game where you have to kill giant cockroaches. Project Page Click madelman

Garden2X A port of Garden of Coloured Lights website Click ParkyDR

gp2x Invaders Preview A Space Invaders-like game Click Gadget

GPQuake An easy to install version of Quake for the GP2X website Click M1RKD1RK

Green A freeware 'defend your base' style game loosely based on Red by Armour Games Click Jim McLeod

Kampf im All Classic vertical shoot'em up ported from the Old Dos PC version. Dev site Click(sound archive) Simon Parzer

Kobo Deluxe Shoot'em up game. Project Page Click theoddbot

Level Shmup Shoot'em up with level an boss. Autor's site Click The Booboo

Myriad Space Shooter website Click Clare Jonsson

NazcaSphere Click Nazca

Noiz2sa Abstract Shoot'em Up. Game's Home Click Hc232

OpenTyrian2x A port of Tyrian website Click OpenTyrian, Kalimerou and Slaanesh

OrbitalSniper2x A port of Orbital Sniper website (homesite) Sol_HSA

Plasma Defence Commander Blast meteors with your plasma gun. Author's page. Click Andrew Williams

Powermanga A port of Powermanga, a nice little addictive shmup. Original Game Click stu

Project 0 2x A WIP demo version of good-looking shooter website Click Geoffrey Tien / Justin Holmes

Pulplife Special Edition A Battle on Hoth (Star Wars) Simulator Click Juan Pablo Gil Alonso

Rockdodger A Space Survival Game. Click theoddbot

ScorchedGP A shooting game similar to 'Scorched Earth', 'Tanks' or 'Worms' Click Racemaniac

Shippy 1984 A quick and dirty port of Shippy84 Click

Spout Abstract pixel shooter no_skill's gp2x development blog. Click no_skill

Star System A classical shooting game simulating 1975 style Click fagotero

Survival Shmup Developer's Site Click Tim Diggle

Tenmado Vertical Shooter Author's site Click madelman

TGCS-Invader TGCS-Invader is a retro space shooting type website Click rerofumi

Thruster Thruster is a fast paced cave flyer where the goal is to reach as high as you can without crashing while eroding the landscape with your thruster. Author's site (extern) Vilmos

Vanguard Wars Click Daniel "Imerion" Eriksson

Vectoroids2x A port of Vectoroids, a remake of Asteroids. Click IceOnly

Vektar Colorful 2D space shooter. Click Dzz

Ventifact An action/strategy game that is based on a game called Uprising: Join or Die Click Levy

wire3D An abstract 3D shooter with wireframe graphics Click charlieb

Xigon-x A vertical shoot'em up. Dev's Blog Click Glenn Cochrane


Name Description Homepage Download Developer
2xRick Port of Rick Dangerous. Click BigOrno (Original) / Dunny (Port)

Abe's Amazing Adventure A scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game. Click

Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe Remake A remake of the classic game with enhanced graphics Click M.A. Software

Alex the Alligator 4 A retro-style Jump'n'Run game from Free Lunch Design Click Simon Parzer

Arecibo Jump 'n' run game. Not released yet Dr Ian

Blobwars Platform Game Project Page Click madelman

BugaFactorX Platform Game Project Page Click Estopero

Castle of Dr. Malvado A Port of Castle of Dr.Malvado, an old colorful dos platformer website Click Eclipse

Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari A action/adventure/platformer. Original Author site Click Simon Parzer / Studio Pixel

Chuckie Egg A remake of the classic BBC Micro platformer Authors site Click crutchlow

Conny Carrot - Quest For Revenge UA classical Jump'n'Run game featuring a carrot. Beautiful graphics, challenging levels and a funny storyline. Click Simon Parzer

FireWhip A Castlevania-like platform game. Click Coelophysis

FleshChasmer ZERO A GameBoy video styled game Click Quasist

Frogs Of War Side Scrolling Run And Gun Platform Shooter. Game's site Click Linus Sphinx

Good Luck Natsuki Originally a platform game born on the xbox. website Click Alpha Secret Base

Greater Giana Sisters, The Remake of the Commodore classic. Click RomanH

Humphrey2x Click Ignacio Perez Gil y Trapelic

Jump'n bump website Click Joyrider

Knight Lore Remake of the ZX Spectrum ground breaking (in 1984) isometric platform game. Click Digitaljez

Las tres luces de Glaurung Remake of a spanish CPC game website Click M.A. Software (remake) / traperic (gp2x port)

Netrok It`s a platform game like Super Mario, but it is not a clone. Author's Page Click madelman

Phantomas2x A remake of the classic game Phantomas. Phantomas PC Click Traperic

Scavenger Quick port of a Lode Runner clone Click critical

Secret Maryo Chronicles Secret Maryo Chronicles is a 2D Jump & Run Game built upon SDL. Project Site Click madelman

Super Mario War A fast port to GP2X of Super Mario War SMW Main Site Click BuD

Super Methane Brothers A gp2x port of Super Methane Brothers Click hc232

SuperTux Jump'n run in a style similar to the original SuperMario games Porter's Site Click scachi

Tower Toppler A port of the linux Tower Toppler game website Click Joyrider

Winter Jumper Clone of the Amiga game The Great Giana Sisters. Click RomanH

xRick Port of Rick Dangerous. Click KaosOverride

Zoids Quest A game in the style of the classic jump-and-run console


website Click Namco


Name Description Homepage Download Developer
Armor City A GP2X clone of the classic game Armor Alley. Click Incarnate

Clonk2x A very interesting combination of Worms, Lemmings and a strategy game Click Daid

Crimson Fields GP2x port of Crimson Fields 0.4.9 [4] Click hc232

Dark Light Battles SDL2X An entry for the 2005 Speedhack competition on Click

Defend Your Colony SciFi-Remake of the boardgame Risk Homepage Click Husten

GpFrontier Port of Frontier(Elite II) for the gp2x Click JoJo_ReloadeD

GPgeneral Gpgeneral is a port of Lgeneral, clone of old DOS Panzer General. Click ^MiSaTo^

Egoboo2x Port of the 3d dungeon crawling adventure Egoboo to the GP2x. rixed page Click rixed

LiquidWar2X Port of Liquid War 5. Project Page Click ParkyDR

Nethack (graphical) Graphical menu-based port of the classic RPG dungeon crawl. Dzz's Site Click Dzz

Nethack (ASCII) This port focuses on keeping the classic ASCII look of NetHack, with emphasis on using an on-screen keyboard. Click MWolson

Retrovirus RTS Retrovirus RTS is the first real-time strategy game designed for the gp2x! . Three astronauts have returned to Earth infected by a belligerent alien virus. Your gp2x is transformed into a portable medical unit as you battle against the space virus on a cellular level. Homepage (Démo) dodgyville

Sqdef - Tower Defense A tower defense game for the GP2X website Click Alex

Star Hustlers Corporate action on the Intergalactic Stock Exchange in this stock market Simulator as Linus Sphinx brings Mental Calisthenics to the gp2x. Homepage Click Linus Sphinx

Tower Defence 2x Strategically place defense towers to defend against various enemies Click Jontte

TTD2X A port of Transport Tycoon Deluxe website Click ZodTTD & Senor Quack

Triple Triad X FF8 Card game w/ RPG quests Click Sephnroth

War and Warriors Strategy game similar to Advance wars on GBA. Click Eskema


Name Description Homepage Download Developer
2-player Pong An edit of evening2005's Pong game Click evening2005 & nickspoon

2xMas In this game you have to catch the package lost by the father noël. Project Page Click Fragment & Hedelmae

2XPonG A Pong clone with skins and clock mode website Click Nilhcem
2XRally A port of XRally. Project Page Click ParkyDR

2xTron An isometric Version of Tron Click cdrman

Airplyr A complete and colourful air hockey game Artraid Click Alex

AirPong4GP2X AirPong Click BNrXYZ

Altitude As a space miner, you have to fly through tunnels full of hazards in your quest to find all the precious crystals hidden within. Click Imerion

AnotherGame2x Dodge Cars, shoot enemies, don't let anyone touch the bomb Click skate2live

ASCIIPong2x It's Pong for the GP2X, ASCII style! 1 or 2 players. Project Infinity Click PokeParadox

A_SN's Pong A Pong clone Click A_SN

BallGame BallGame is a remake of the arcade game "Uo Poko". (Now includes sdl.dll, needed for the Windows version) Click RomanH

Bang GP A remake of the Arcade Machine BANG Click Chemaris

Bare Fist Fighter A punchout style fighting game. Click GP2X Coder

Barrage website Click Jonn Blanchard o/ Michael Speck

Beat2x Stepmania-like game Click Miq01

Beatbox Stepmania-like game Click Imerion

Biohazard2 An action game where the objective is to escape the city of zombies Click Eskema

Blobby Volley 2 Portable rewrite of the famous Blobby Volley Arcade game. Sourceforge Project Site Click yonibear

Bobtron A playable clone of Tron with 2 players. Sector808 Click Woogal

Boomshine2x An officially endorsed port of the flash game Boomshine Blog Click Sam Fisher

BugaFactorX Jump from platform to platform and avoid enemies Click Estopero

BumpRace A simple arcade game Click Voyageur
Buzzy's Bad Day Linus Sphinx's wild artistic shooter puzzle game featuring rubber flower physics. Author Site Click Linus Sphinx
Cave Copter website Click donskeeto, A_SN

Chopper Challenge GP A port of the GP32 Game Chopper Challenge GP Click

Christmas Tree Game Decorate the Christmas tree by throwing lightbulbs at it website Click Andrew Williams

Chuckie Egg Remake of the game from C64, Spectrum and Acorn BBC. The game in flash Click Neil Crutchlow

Crapong Its a clone of pong. Click Sam Fisher

Crazee Man An isometric PacMan Remake. website Click Wild[Kyo]

CromoZone A score attack genetic survival game Click PokeParadox

Crossroads You're in charge of the brand new rotating road junctions, introduced to keep traffic moving. The task, however, is not so easy. You'll need quick fingers and a sharp mind to get everything running smoothly. Click nickspoon

Cyber Hocky Air hocky in Cyberspace Click Neoman

Dance2x game of DDR in the style of Stepmania. Click yaustar

DeathTrap Remix A unique game of memorization, skill, and luck. Navigate your tank through a massive maze, earning big points and avoiding the Aggressor. This is a remake of the Color Computer original shown here Click mindlord

Diamant A Boulder-Dash-like game Click HeikoJ

Digger A port of a classic computer game. Original game site Click DaveN

Don Ceferino A game similar to Pang. Project Page Click madelman

Downfall A fast arcade game. Guide the little creature through the holes. Author page Click Alex

Drill2x Port of Miss Driller, a Mr.Driller clone. Orignial Game Site Click kfazz

Dstroy Port of DOS game Dstroy, a bomberman clone Project page Click Naroin

Dumbbell2x website Click Wild [Kyo]

Escapa! Click Guyfawkes

Extraterrestres An original arcade game for the gp2x. Click deadlychicken22

Falldown A fast arcade game. Guide the little creature through the holes. Project Page Click FagEmul/Anata

Fish Ball You are the alpha fish, form the ball and save the fish! Home Click Linus Sphinx

Floaters A small arcade minigame Click Sebastian

Fragger2x The Nutinc Studios version of a good ol' frogger game website Click Nut Inc. Studios

Formula 1 G&W You have a formula 1 car at your disposal and you'll need to pass other Formula 1 cars coming to you without crashing into them. WillemsSoft Click Joyrider

Freedroid A port of Paradroid on C64. Project Page Click ParkyDR

Frogs of War website Click Linus Sphinx

G&W Mario Bros Adaptation of a game on the Game&Watch console. [5] Click zarkok

G&W Fire Adaptation of a game on the Game&Watch console. Click Mr.Jabberwocky

Ghostbusters A remake of the classic Ghostbusters game Click Gadget

GoitGeePee GoityGeePee is a Mode7 Pseudo 3d racer for the GP2x. Click Goity

Gorila gp2x A remake of the old Basic classic game Click ArChEr

GP Lady Killer Little game like Action/reflexion Project page Click Puck2099

GravityForce2X A port of Gravity Force website Click Parkydr

Green "Missile Defense"-style game. gp32x Click Jim McLeod

Grow A clone of the age old tunnel game. Click Josh Mattoon

GXEskiv Collect the boxes but don't let to moving spots touch you! Click mad93

Hanagechu2x Click MELONCOKE

Heroes2X Port of Heroes. Project Page Click ParkyDR

Humphrey Remake of the classic Spanish game from Zigurat. The goal is to repaint your house while being chased by aliens. Site of Original Game Click Traperic

Invasion Of The Cow Suckers Linus Sphinx's epic solo effort based on his 60's adventures and grammar school essay titled, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Mount up your monster truck and DEFEND THE HERD! Author Site Click Linus Sphinx

Jurl2x A shooter which mixes Pacman with Asteroids. Click JBlanchard

Koules2X Port of addictive physics Linux SVGAlib game Koules [6] Click Senor Quack

Kurukuru2x A port of the GBA game Kuru Kuru Kururin. [7] Click nickspoon

Laser2x A remake of the popular game Laser by Kauto ( Click Nagelfar

Lbreakout GP2X A port of lbreakout website Click Willems Davy / Michael Speck

Lottys Lines A game similar to Tron {{,0,0,0,27,1993 Click] Baggers

Mad Bomber A clone of Activision's classic Atari 2600 console game website Click Made by Bill Kendrick, ported by uprising

MadMix A game similar to PacMan Click zikitrake

Mister Block website Click nickspoon

Moonlander A port of moon lander Click KidPaddle

Mop(e)snake classic snake game Game's site Click Andy Balaam

NazcaRunners A Mode7 Running game Click Nazca

Nebulus GP2X Port of the classic game Nebulus from John M. Philips. Author's Site Click Gouky

Nec-Nec 2x Click maniac626

PAF! A Pang-like game Click Jose Manuel Habas Millan

Pang Clone of Pang game created by Michel Louvet and ported by scachi. Developer's Site Click scachi

Penguin Command a remake of Missile Command Homepage Click scachi

Pez Eat smaller fish Click

Pintor Like Sinclair Spectrum game. Click Hermes/PS2Reality

Phishy game where the aim is to become the biggest phish in the sea Click Goity

Physique Guide a ball around obstacles and collect the boxes Click Goity

Pika2x A volleyball-like game with Pikachu website Click xau

Pintor A little maze game, based on a game from the Sinclair Spectrum computer Click Hermes/PS2Reality

Pix Pang Clone of Super Pang with Crazy and Adventure Mode website Click Pix Juegos

Plasma Defence Commander website Click Andrew Williams

Pond2x clone of the arcade game Frogger. Click Rudolf Kajan

Pong Pong old game ;) Author's Site Click Andrew Williams

pong/breakout Its called Pong but its really Breakout. Author's Site Click Jim McLeod

Pong2Players Pong 2 players. Click evening2005 & nickspoon

Protozoa Updated clone of Snake website Click ruckage

pySlide A sliding puzzle game. Click Barnesy

pyTetris A port of Tetris using the Pygame engine. Click Barnesy

Rock Rain A survival game Click Saboteur

ruck-man A Pac-man clone with colored graphics. Author's pages Click Ruckage

SDL Monkey website Click Sol (ported to gp2x by critical)

SDL Scavenger A port of Scavenger Click critical

SheepDash A clone of a flash game website Click Andrew Williams

SmashGp2x An adaption of [ Super Smash Bros.] from the [ N64] in 2D. Matkeupon Click mATkEUpON

Snake2x Classic game of snake Click schan

Sopwith Shooter CGA game. Click theoddbot

Space Invasion Kill the aliens, save the planet. Author's Page. Click Andrew Williams

Sqcolony An abstract shooter in the Spout style. Dev's Page Click Alex

Squares The game is a remake of the flash game Squares and in addition features some new extra game modes to play with. Game site Click Guyfawkes

Stairway to Heaven Click Orkie

starfighter A GP2X port of Project:Starfighter website Click Parallell Realities original/ azmodean porter

StarTrucker Guide StarTruckers workplace through tricky levels trying to deliver goods to their target platform. Click BlackMac

Step2x DDR style game Click Naroin

SubHunt Click Peter van Dalen

Super Methane Brothers A remake of the Amiga Classic. Trap baddies in a gas cloud. Suck into your gas gun. Throw against a wall to destroy them. Click hc232

Super Transball 2 This is a port of Super Transball 2, written by Santi Ontañón, Click KidPaddle

Technoballz A port of the cool Tecnoballz game website Click Cpasjuste

The cheap game show "CAR" Avoid an enemy car. Author's site Click rerofumi

The new trip of Peuppy website) Click bille2 + Satu Lagi

The Reversed Preacher II Click Are Auganes

Tong Quick and rough port of TONG. An evil puzzle game of Tetris and Pong on the same grid. Click -=STUCKIE=-

Tower2x A game inspired by Icy Towers Click reiboul

Ultratumba A remake of the spectrum game. GP2xGamer Review Click saboteur

Zooov Level 1 A psychedelic dodgeball game, part 1 of a series website Click Dzz


Name Description Homepage Download Developer
Camelot Warrior A remake of the Zx spectrum computer game Camelot Warriors Click BUHOnero (Code) & Coelophysis (Gfx)

FleshChasmer I: the Eve Console-style 3D Action-RPG. Just for GP2X == Pure and perfect homebrew. Youtube (GBAX07) Sergey "Quasist" Zverev

GP2X_Nat2007 website Click Paolo 'Neurox' Borzini

Knight Lore A remake of the original Knight Lore Click Digitaljez

KQ2X Port of the game KQ on the GP2x. KQ is an console-style role playing game. KQ's Pages Click kfazz

Megazeux An Interpreter for MegaZeux-Created games Click Gregory Janson (original game), Exophase (SDL port), Simon Parzer (gp2x port)

Nethack Graphical menu-based port of the classic RPG dungeon crawl website Click Dzz

Nethack (ASCII) Nethack - the ASCII version website Click Michael Olson

Openglad2X A port of Openglad Click nickspoon, Snowstorm Entertainment and FSGames

Powder2X A port of Powder website Click Parkydr
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers Simple plot less turn based RPG. website Click ThatOtherPerson
Stickman website Click Woogal

The Reversed Preacher 3 Click Are Auganes

Tikka Dungeons - Demo The purpose of the game is to plunder dungeons to get their treasure Click tikka

xBak A fan-made remake of the classic Sierra computer RPG "Betrayal at Krondor" website Click Guido (original author) Pickle(ports)


Name Description Homepage Download Developer
Beatbox Beatbox is a rythm-based game in which you have to hit buttons in beat with music. Click Daniel Eriksson

BunkerMaster2X The objective is to advance as much as possible into enemy territory, and to try to survive. Porter's page Click ParkyDR

Button Game Small game...Press the button showed to get a point. Project Page Click elektranox

Christmas Tree Game Decorate the Christmas tree by throwing lightbulbs at it. Project Page Click Andrew Williams

Dastardly Dungeon A style of lcd game & watch handheld which was an entry to the PDroms 3.666 competition and was placed 2nd website Click ruckage

Dopewars2x This is a remake of DopeWars, largely based on dopewars-1.5.12. Click Sebastian

DOSFSCK for gp2x GP2X Linux version of chkdsk DOS command Click

Drip Catch the falling drips to protect your house website Click Jason Cooper

Factor - A Game of Primes The idea of the game is that you need to factor a very large number which is a multiple of the first 8 primes: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, and 19. website Click Trevor Bradley

Football Manager Port of Football Manager by Paul Robson, which is a remake of the old Speccy-Classic. Freshmeat page Click Jonn Blanchard

Formula 1 G+W A simple game and watch style game website Click Joyrider

friq A game inspired by "Gimme Friction Baby" by Wouter Visser Click Sebastian

FVC Detonate chains of fireworks (Work in Progress) Click Sebastian

Game & Watch: Fire (Remake) Save the people jumping from the burning building. Click Mr.Jabberwocky

Game & Watch: Mario Bros (Remake) The famous Mario Bros game on the Game & Watch handheld LCD website Click zarkok

GP2X of Life GP2XOfLife is a simple implentation of "Conway's Game of Life" for the GP2X. Click Dedeibel

GP2X Sand A reimplementation of the "game" Falling Sand based on SDL Sand in which you play around with sand falling from the sky. Click hammy_lite

Guesstimator Run via telnet - guess the password! Click Orkie

Life2X Simple interpretation of John Conway's Game Of Life Click TheMinder

Merlin2X A simulator for the Merlin handheld (Beta) forum Click Modran

MK13 A card game Click PotA

Muepp Muepp website Click Achim Tober

Oh! The Humanity! All your favourite disasters are now together in one action-packed 12-level game. Homepage Click Luke Miller

Openglad2X Gladiator game's port Click nickspoon

Payback an action/drivin where you have to acomplish missions like in GTA. Commercial game. site of game dev (Demo) Apex Designs

PokéParadox Demo Consists of: A DOS prompt, C64 style "loading screen", An attempt at parallax scrolling, collision demo, button bashing minigame and of course a simple credits screen. Click Kevin Winfield-Pantoja

PyKaraoke website Click Kelvin Lawson, GP2X port by David Rose

Powerslide semi 3D driving race. Click Jim McLeod

Sleuth Slots Fruit machine simulator with a Cluedo style theme website Click ruckage]]

Space Storm website Click Achim Tober

The Minigame Project 2X A collection of currently 22 minigames Click Quiest & friends

The Room Adventure game based on the Onscripter engine. Click Ortwin "OrR" Regel

The Siren Click

Volley2x Penguin Volleyball Author's Forum Post (GP32Spain) Redox

Whacky Penguin Whack the Penguins. Project Page Click SJP

Zoltan 2X website Click ruckage

Zombiepox2X An allegro game where you have to save your friends from zombies Click Namco

Fenix Games

These games require fenix to function.

Name Description Homepage Download Developer
AnotherGame2x The goal is to prevent somebody from touching the bomb. Click skate2live

antipong_2x It is necessary to avoid touching the enemies. Click Chemaris

Astrochaos A basic, yet fun-to-play horizontal shooter in Fenix. Click Devilish games

Buscaminas A Minesweeper clone written in Fenix. Click vizales77

Bang GP An adaptation of the game BANG from Gaelco in Fenix. Click Chemaris

Chopper Challenge GP A port of the GP32 Game Chopper Challenge GP Click

Castle of Dr Malvado Adaptation of an example which was with DIV for GP2x in Fenix. Click Daniel Navarro

Extender In this game one needs destroy the most bubbles with a minimum number of bombs. site du porteur Click Quiest

Goitfights Goitfights is a beat'em up written in fenix. Click Goity

Gorila gp2x Remake of the classic game. Click ArChEr

GPNoid2x A clone of the arcade game Arkanoid. Click canoista

HexBattle2x This is a remake of Proximity Wars by Brian Cable.It's a strategical board game on a hexagonal field. It features 1 and 2 player modes. Quiest's Site Click Quiest

Max in GhostPix A puzzle game where the player must reveal the ghost picture. It contains 497 puzzles. Game site Click Marc Robledo Caparrós

MetaPhysik Play of address. It is necessary to move its ball of a point to another without touching the obstacles. Click Racemaniac

Minigolf Play minigolf. Click Licantropo

Myriad Space Shooter. [8] Click Clare Jonsson

NazcaRunners A game in the style of Mario Kart. Click Nazca

NazcaSphere You have to shoot at enemies with the correct color before they hit the ground. Click Nazca

New Super Pang A clone of Pang. Click Anarchy

PAF! A clone of the game Pang. Click Jose Manuel Habas Millan

Paraball Enhanced slime volleyball port written in Fenix. Project website Click Ahuh

Pez It is necessary to eat small fish while avoiding being eaten by the large ones. Click detx

Physique Move the ball to recover limp them all avoid the obstacles of them. Click Goity

Pix's New Super Pang a clone of Pang with different modes. Click PiXeL2004

Pulplife Special Edition This game simulates the scene of film "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK" when the resistance is been attacked by the empire. GP2x Comp Juan Pablo Gil Alonso

ScorchedGP It's a shooting game similar to 'Scorched Earth', 'Tanks' or 'Worms'. Click Racemaniac

Sprint Race An athletic game of skill (as in track and field). One quickly needs the click on L and R to gain speed. Click jkgp2x

SquareGame2x A shoot'em up game created in Fenix and inspired from a flash game. Click skate2live92

Star System A shoot'em up Click fagotero

SubHunt You control a submarine which must avoid the torpedoes of the boats above. Click Peter van Dalen

The Minigame Project2x A collection of 22 minigames. Click Quiest & friends

Tilt A maze game Click

Vanguard Wars Vanguard Wars is a fast-paced arcadegame in which you must control your spaceship and defeat numerous enemies and bosses. Click Daniel "Imerion" Eriksson

WWII game like the game 1942 Author's site Click BraindeaD

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