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Developer Retrofui
Version V1
Webpage Author's site
Status Released and Playable

TailTale is a small puzzle game which comes from an adaptation of a PC game made for the PSP and which now arrives on the GP2x. The goal of the game is to move blocks to associate them by color (4 in the same line, vertically or horizontally.

The source code is provided HERE

Puck2099 has modified the source code from Retrofui to add some functionality:

  • Add a setup menu control, pressing SELECT in the title screen.
  • Add function to quite the game by pressing Stick+L+R.
  • Add the possibility to use L and R buttons.
  • Add volume control.
  • Modify the music format from WAV to OGG.


The control can be configured by pressing SELECT button in the title screen.

Quit the game.
Vol +/- 
Adjust the volume Upper/Lower.


You can modify graphics and the sounds by changing the original files.

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