In 2005 no_skill decided to propose a wiki on GP2X development (See the GP2X dev wiki manifesto).

With overwhelming speed Mike (aka snaff) set up a mediawiki on and theoddbot started adding some basic pages.

The rest is what you see here.

Main people in wiki writing (excludes suggestion box / work in process)

  • Mike
  • no_skill
  • theoddbot
  • djwillis
  • synkro
  • Yono
  • Yod4z

and probably a lot of others I forgot right now. no offense, just add yourself and we're all happy.

That's it. Feel free to contribute - to reach the ultimate goal: hACkEAr 1337mEnTe montones de juegos :D

Oktober 2005, no_skill
Updated 2006, yono

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