GP2X dev wiki manifesto


On Oct 3 2005 no_skill on the forum had the idea of starting a wiki on GP2X development. And although no_skill is widely known for talking but never doing we have a wiki now. Why? Snaff had the wonderful idea of just doing it and set up a wiki on That's it.

To clarify what the goals of the GP2X dev wiki are no_skill wrote the GP2X dev wiki manifesto.

The GP2X dev wiki manifesto

We need all GP2X development related things in a central place!

... to ease starting gp2x development
... to get more developers in the gp2x scene
... to help them getting started
... without bothering us
... to reach the ultimate goal: **1337 haxx0r amounts of games.**

As in the thread that started it all.

Purpose of the wiki

The wiki is here to reduce the amount of redundant information, and to assist both new users and developers alike. A good example is the emulators page which has a list of emulators available on the GP2X, to avoid having to talk about the possibility of a N64 emulator repeatedly.

If you have any new or corrected information, please do add it to the appropriate page! That's the way a wiki thrives.

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