Round Em Up

Round Em Up
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Developer Guyfawkes
Version alpha 3
Webpage website

This game is released as unfinished and as such some features may be missing when they appear to be there. Please ignore any errors, I normally do a lot of beta testing but this time I am releasing it to the public for feedback as there was not much interest in the game when asking for private testers.

Round Em Up is an arcade puzzle game where the aim is to get the sheep (the white blobs) into their sheep pen (the lighter green area). You do this by guiding them to the sheep pen by placing the primary obstacle the bushes or special items such as rocks or pits.

Full details on the game can be found in the readme included with the download.

Version history

Alpha 3 changes:

  • Touchscreen support added.

I do not have a F-200 so I have no idea how accurate it is, but according to the testers it is very accurate now. Some menu options may be a little tricky to activate with the touchscreen so please use the joypad for them instead.

  • Repeat item after use added

For now I have made this a configurable option, by default it is enabled and it basically keeps a Special Item activated after it has been used in the game. You can press the X button or the Special icon to deactivate it. If this option is disabled, the Special will be deactivated after one use. You can find the setting in the Options -> Controls menu.

  • Reset Level option added
  • Fixed backspace on keyboard not working.
  • Fixed Quit option on pause screen not being selectable.
  • Includes one new custom level kindly made by Alex. Thanks!
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