Sqdef - Tower Defense

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Sqdef - Tower Defense
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Developer Alex
Version 1.3A
Webpage website

Sqdef is a tower defense game for the GP2X. The goal is to prevent enemies from getting from one side of the map to the other by placing towers along their way. There are over a dozen different buildings with upgrades, tech research, difficulty levels, and a whole lot of maps to try your defense skills on! Sqdef also has a powerful on-GP2X map editor that allows you to make your own maps and share them with others. Visit the Sqdef microsite http://artraid.com/sqdef/ for more, including downloads of new map packs.

Version history

What's new in 1.3A? (March 16th 2008)

  • fixed a minor range accuracy bug in Quad Fortress
  • fixed the stray bullets glitch (thanks Gruntfuggly!)

What's new in 1.3? (March 8th 2008)

  • A new tower, the Scythe - so powerful you can only build one
  • A new factory, the Trapper - slows targeted enemy by 25%, has no effect on bosses
  • No more Dual Armory: now you upgrade the regular Armory in order to double its range
  • An icon that shows whether fast-forward is on
  • Cosmetic improvements all-around
  • A badge replaces medals on maps where you beat 60 waves
  • Some new coloured creatures, more wave variety
  • Editor does not allow maps with more than 20 possible paths
  • Compatible with 1.2(A) hiscores and maps; old saved games will be automatically cleared
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