The Minigame Project2x

The Minigame Project2x
Menu screenshot
Download (archive)
Original Developer Various Coders
Ported By Quiest
Version V2.2i
Status Released and Playable

The Minigame Project 2X is a compilation of 22 minigames.


  1. Download the file and extract the contents to your SD card. Most games can be installed anywhere, but some games need their own directory and some have to be installed to the root of the SD card - check this first.
  2. Install the SDL libraries for GP2X if necessary - see the instructions if needed.
  3. Launch the game with the included gpe file.
  • Many games may require you to maintain the file structure within the archive - if the game seems to quit back to the menu as soon as you open it this is a common cause.


  • In the menu:
Select a mini game
Launch the selected game
Erase the score of the selected minigame
Vol + & -
Quit The Minigame Project
To open the menu when in a minigame


  • Sonic The Hurdler: The goal of this minigame is to obtain many points while remaining alive as long as possible. With this intention, avoid the enemies which are presented in front of you. If you keep the joystick button inserted the game becomes simpler, one court more slowly, but you gain less points. if you manage to touch Dr. Eggman who flies by chance through screen, you can obtain 500 points!
X: Jump over enemies
Joystick Down: Duck under enemies
Joystick Left or Right: Move sonic to the left or right.
  • Marios Combo Bounce: You must jump on as many enemies as possible without touching the ground. The more goombas you hit, the more you obtain points and build up a combo. If you touch the ground, the combo meter resets to zero. Don't touch the goombas normally or you will die. There is also gold Goomba which is worth 10 times the points of a normal Goomba.
Joystick Left/Right: Go left or right .
X: Jump.
  • Bloody Bumblebee: You have 60 seconds to gather as many flowers as possible without touching the spikes which fall. If you do, you will fall slowly to the ground losing a few valuable seconds during which you cannot collect flowers. The more flowers you get without being touched, the more the combo increases and thus your score grows quicker. After being touched by a spike, your combo returns to zero and you become invisible for a few seconds.
Joy Left/Right: Direct the bee Left/Right.
X pushed: Fly away.
X released: Go down again.
Left and Right triggers: Return to the title screen.
  • Slug Minis: One needs to shoot as many targets as possible in a given time. You can save an additional time (10 seconds) by jumping to catch this time which falls by chance down the screen. If your projectile misses a target, you will lose 5 seconds.
Joystick: Move the cursor.
X: Fire.
B: Jump.
Left and Right triggers: Return to the title screen.
  • Squares32: You are a square which turns. Collect as many black squares as you can while avoiding the red squares. If you touch a red square, the game finishes. The more you collect squares, the taller your square grows. From time to time, a black circle appears while flying, if you collect it can be obtained one as of the these bonuses: +1000: you gain 1000 points, Smaller: your square becomes smaller, Slow Motion: the game moves slower and Invulnerability: the red squares cannot hurt you.
Joystick: Move the square.
X: Move quicker.
B: Move slower.
  • MonsterLand: Kill as many animals as you can! But keep an eye on your energy, if it reaches zero, the gmae finishes! The monsters can randomly leave one or two objects of allowance, including: Healthpack: increase your health by 25, and Treasure chest: gives 5000 additional points.
Left/Right: Turn character.
Up/Down: Move forwards/backwards.
X: Fire.
B: Reload.
  • Target Slide: This game is a mixture between Darts and Curling. You must aim at the targets and hit them. The Points are attributed like this: Blue: 100 Points, External White: 250 points, Red: 500 Points and +1 additional go, White Interior: 1000 Points and +2 additional goes.
Left/Right: Aim.
X pushed: Increase power (power bars).
X released: Fire.
Left and Right triggers: Return to the title screen.
  • Tunnel of Mr_Munk: Avoid touching the walls as long as possible.
Joystick: Move the vessel.
  • Extender: A remake of Extend. Burst as many blocks as you can with a limited amount of bombs. The blue blocks leave bonuses, and pink blocks improve the quality of new blocks, creating better chances for combos. The numbers at the bottom of the screen are the score and the time left.
Joystick: Move bomb.
X: Explode bomb.
Left and Right triggers: Return to the title screen.
  • Edge Fighter: Shoot down as many Edge Fighters as possible within the time given. Use your shield to return the enemy balls to gain additional points. If you touch an enemy, you lose five seconds. After using the shield, you must wait until it returns to 100% before being able to re-use it.
Joystick: Move vessel.
X: Shoot forwards.
B: Lets you change the direction where you fire while moving.
Select: Activate shield.
Left and Right triggers: Return to the title screen.
  • Shmupster: Cut down as many enemies as you can! If you clear all the enemies on the screen, you advance on the next level and there will be new enemies on the screen. If you touch an enemy, you will lose one of your three lives. If you kill an enemy, it drops 4 points bonus. Collect to have additional points. You can also deploy a bomb which will kill your enemies. The enemies who explode keep damage all the enemies that touch them, and more you kill out of enemies in this way, the more you obtain points. The enemies always move towards the green circle, thus try to predict their movement and don't be touched!
Joystick: Move vessel.
X: Fire.
B: Launch a bomb.
Left and Right triggers: Return to the title screen.
  • Fruity Guy: In this game you must eat the cutters which appear on the screen and avoid touching the bubbles. The more you eat cutters the bubbles appear on the screen.
  • Cannonball Paddler:
  • Space Ball:
  • Bubbles32:
  • Maniac Race:
  • Survival R-Type:
  • Falldown:
  • Space Survival:
  • Action Tank:
  • Gravity Ball:
  • City Defense:

It was developed in Fenix.

todo: add rest of games

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