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This is the GP2X User FAQ. Tutorials for users can be found on User Tutorials. Developers please go to Development FAQ / Development Tutorials.



I have a problem with the GP2X. How can I get help?

See Current GP2X Issues if it seems to be a hardware problem. Otherwise, you can ask on the boards at, or on the irc channels at and #gp2xdev. Note that #gp2xdev is often much more active.

What is the "Archive"?

See The Archive for information.


How to install software?

Find the appropriate wiki page (if it exists). Use the search tool on the right to find it.

How to upgrade the firmware?

See Firmware Upgrade.

How to run games which require SDL?

You don't have to install them if you are using a later firmware version than 1.4, from firmware 2.0, they have been integrated.

  • First download the SDL from the gp2x archive:,0,0,0,31,869
  • Then install SDL by extracting all files to the root folder (not in a subfolder !) of your SD card.
  • Start your GP2X and select Utility->install_libs.gpu.
  • Wait until the screen comes up again and that's it. You can then delete the files from your card.

What software/games are already released?

See Software or Games

What is being worked on at the moment?

See Works In Progress

What software comes with the GP2X?

See Included Software

How well is XXX Emulated?

See the Software Directory and Emulation - go to your emulator and see its page for a compatibility list.

How do I get USB Networking to work?

See UsbNet on Linux for Linux or TCP/IP over USB for Windows.


What is the hardware inside the GP2X?

See Getting started with GP2X hardware hacking

How big is the GP2X?

See Size comparison.

What color(s) is/are available?

The GP2X F-100, without the touchscreen, is only available in black. The GP2X F-200, with the touchscreen, is only available in white.

What are the different hardware revisions?

See Hardware Versions for a comprehensive explanation.

What is the battery life of the GP2x?

The GP2x uses standard AA (LR06), and the battery life can be different with different battery. Just check out the battery test on GP2x on the Batteries page.

The GP2X in general

What is the GP2X?

See GP2X.

What systems can/might be emulated?

See Emulation Speculation.

Can the GP2X communicate with other units?

Yes. Some games are playable over the internet (via PC networking):

Is there a user guide available somewhere?

Yes, The GP2X User Guide is available here.

Is it possible to use the GP2X without Microsoft Windows?

The GP2X connects to your computer with the USB Mass Storage Device driver (a default driver already installed on every OS that supports USB). You just copy data (ie: games) on it. It works with every OS that can handle USB. It shows up as additional harddrive to copy files to on Windows, and usually in /dev/sd* on Unix machines.

Do I have to have Linux installed in order to use the GP2X?

No. As listed in The GP2X description you can use any Operating System that supports USB as the GP2X is handled as USB Mass Storage Device (ie. External Disk) or USB Gadget.

What can the GP2X do and cannot do?

There is an honest overview of the GP2X's capabilities at What is a GP2X really like?.

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