Software Directory


This is a list of working software available for the GP2X. If you know of anything not listed here please add an entry.

It's a good idea to add both the GP2X name and the original name when writing about ports. Original name first. We strongly suggest adding a link to the projects homepage and category/direct link.



Name Description Webpage Download Code Graphics Music TV Out
Babylon Bastard by Live! arrived third for the Demo Comp. (archive) Ukko, Tomy Rez  ?
Birthdaytro Coded at the 7D 2006 party [1] Clash  ?
Chrysler GP2X port of a demo originally made for AGA/060 Amigas. site (archive) Marq, Neckfreak Roz  ?
Code Alone Uses the ARM940 as a true-perspective GPU. It has the special mention for the Demo Comp. gpu940 (archive) rixed rixed  ?
Creep Tea First place on the Demo Comp. (archive) Optimus Adrian Amberg (GP2X 3d logo) Apomakros  ?
Cube Effects A simple spinning 3D cube with a variety of texture and post processing effects. (64k demo) (archive) Tristan 'Twixn' Dean  ?
Debris Second place for the Demo Comp. Hedelmae (archive) Fragment Frag&Cyrus Cyrus  ?
Demo1 Best Démo 64k For the Demo Comp. (64k) (archive) Maddog  ?
F341 GP2X demo for the GBAX2007 Coding Competition showing off Trenki's software renderer. (not archive)(archive) trenki trenki  ?
Fire Mini Demo Uses SDL (archive) Paul Vanukoff  ?
Hell A nice fire demo. (archive) joanvr  ?
Hex Pistols GP2X port of a demo originally made for AGA/060 Amigas. site (archive) Marq Marq Roz  ?
Jenny Thinks GP2X port of a demo originally made for AGA/060 Amigas. site (archive) Marq,NF Marq,NF Roz  ?
Led Blur The GP2X port of my GP32 demo "Led Blur". (archive) Mindlapse  ?
LostPorts2x A few demo effects ported to the GP2x [2] (archive) Lostjared  ?
Manyetiq2X A classic demo for the gp2x, featuring stars, tunnels, scrolls, etc. [3] (archive) Ragnor Lockman Hackim Infidelcat  ?
nano GP2X port of world's first iPod nano demo (not archive) KeyJ Gabi, KeyJ dq  ?
Plasma 1k Plasma demo in 1k (not archive) Sparr  ?
Pong Demo It's a playable pong game in 512 bytes. Homepage (not archive) gfoot  ?
PoolDemo Bouncing balls with pseudo-accurate physics on a scrolling plasma background. (64k demo) (archive) Sparr  ?
Pulque A demo which won 1st prize in the Mobile Demo Comp. at Assembly 06. Definitely check it out! [4] Fragment Fragment, Skybax, Plokk Skybax  ?
Re-re-recycle Optimus give you an new demo realised in less than one week for it participation at the Pixelshow 2007 démoparty, where it ended in third place. Optimus's pages (archive) Optimus Graphics Coffee Junkies  ?
Revelation An intro coded at 7D 2006 (not archive)(archive) Anesthetic & Decipher Spritus & Incognito Flexi  ?
Stercus Accidit GP2X port of a demo originally made for AGA/060 Amigas. site (archive) Marq Man Roz  ?
Waking Up the Dead For the Demo Comp. (archive) Fredi, Ragnor Soul Of Silent techFreak  ?
Whirlpool 1KB Demo (archive) jix  ?


Name Description Webpage Download Porter TV Out Source USB
2xQuake A port of the well known first person shooter Quake. Works well. Acceptable Framerate. Quake (archive) Woogal  ? Yes [5] Yes M/K
2xQuake II An early port of the sequel to Quake. (Too slow to be playable.) Quake II (archive) Woogal Yes Yes [6]
2xhexen2 GP2X Port based upon the Hammer of Thyrion linux port of Hexen 2 Forum (archive) HEP  ? Yes[7]  ?
Albion Statically recompiled executable for GP2X (archive) M-HT  ?  ?  ?
Aleph One Port of the engine from the game Marathon (Marathon 1, Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity) from Bungie. Source engine (archive) RG Softworks  ? Yes [8]
Beats of Rage Engine of Beat'em up game. developer blog (archive) lemon Yes Yes
CloneKeen2X Clone of Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons (ID Software) for the GP2X. Project Site (archive) mudi  ? Yes [9]
Clonk2X A port of Clonk Planet, a two-dimensional platform strategy game. (archive) Daid  ? v0.1
D1X-Rebirth Descent 1 interpretor. Official site (archive) Zico Yes  ?
Descent 2 A port of Descent 2 website (archive) paines  ?  ?  ?
Duke2X A port of Duke Nukem 3D. Duke3D (archive) Woogal Yes Yes [10]
Exult Interpreter of the game Ultima VII. Website of the porter

Archive sound1 Archive sound2

(archive) Puck2099 Yes Yes [11]
Frotz Interpreter for games using the Infocom and Z-machine. Home of the project. (archive) AdamC  ? Yes [12]
Heart of the Alien A GP2X port of the open-source project Heart of the Alien: Redux Project Site 1.2.4 CVS DJWillis  ? On Request
Heretic2x It is an interpreter for "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders" (archive) HEP  ?  ?
Hexen A port of the first person shooter Hexen. (archive) NightKnight  ? Yes [13]
Hexen2x A faster port of the first person shooter Hexen. HHexen (archive) HEP  ?  ?
Megazeux ASCII-Adventure-Construction-System (archive) Simon Parzer  ? Yes [14]
Onscripter nscr(nScripter) engine based Visual novel interpreter. (archive) NK  ?  ?
Openbor Game engine for Beat'em up games. Samurai X pages (archive) Samurai x Yes Oui Yes Oui
OpenJazz Interpreter of the PC game Jazz Jackrabbit. (archive) Puck2099  ? Yes [15]
PrBoom A port of Doom. (archive) mongolito404  ? Yes
RAW Interpretor of the game Another World / Out Of This World. Page of the porter (archive) WinterN  ? Yes [16]
REminiscence REminiscence is a rewrite of the engine used in the game Flashback from Delphine Software. (archive) rlyeh  ? Yes [17]
Rise of the Triad A port of the RoTT-engine GP32WIP (archive) Puck2099  ? Yes [18]
ScummVM Interpreter for Lucasarts adventure games and others using the same engine. Official Port DJWillis & NK  ? On Request
Strife2X An alpha port of SvStrife. Sadly it runs unplayably slow. [19] HEP  ?  ?
Shadow Warrior A port of the FPS Shadow Warrior by 3D Realms. (archive) Sephnroth  ? Yes [20]
The Ur-Quan Masters A sort of Star Control II, a strategy game. Official site of the project. (archive) Loki666/Foehammer  ? Yes
TTD2X Port of OpenTTD (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe) Home of the Project. (archive) Zodttd  ? Yes
Waffle Visual Art's AVG32 Engine interpreter. (archive) NK  ?  ?
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Statically recompiled executable for GP2X (archive) M-HT  ?  ?  ?
Wolfenstein3D The old famous ID software FPS (official page) ( project page) hooka Yes Yes [21]
Wolf4SDL A port of Wolf4SDL website (archive) Pickle  ?  ?  ?
X-COM: UFO Defense Statically recompiled executable for GP2X (archive) M-HT  ?  ?  ?
X-COM: Terror from the Deep Statically recompiled executable for GP2X (archive) M-HT  ?  ?  ?



Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out Source USB
ArcEm Acorn Archimedes Emulator GP2x Comp Ian Jeffray  ?  ?
Atari 800 Atari 800 emulator Atari 800 (archive) Foft  ? Yes [22]
Atari 800/5200 Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator for GP2X website (archive) zx-81  ?  ?  ?
BCPL A port of BCPL with the EDSAC emulator included (archive) torpor  ?  ?  ?
B-EM 2X BBC Micro Emulator (archive) Bohemiath  ?  ?
Basilisk II Emulator of either a Mac Classic (which runs MacOS 0.x thru 7.5) or a Mac II series machine (which runs MacOS 7.x, 8.0 and 8.1), depending on the ROM being used [23] (archive) pcklee123  ? Yes [24]
Bebeem A BBC Micro Emulator (archive) Fru.T Bunn  ?  ?  ?
Bochs-GP2X Bochs, a PC emulator Madelman's Site (archive) madelman  ? Yes [25]
Cap32 Caprice32 is one of the best emulator of the Amstrad CPC home computer series, written by Ulrich Doewich. This emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models ZX-81's Site ZX-81  ? Yes [26]
CapriceGP2x An Amstrad CPC Emulator (archive) KaosOverride No Yes [27]
Criticalbeeb/Beebem BBC Micro Model B emulator (archive) critical  ? w/ file
DOSBox An MS-DOS emulator. bjimba's site (archive) bjimba, bOingball  ? Yes [28]
EFCS Chip-8 emulator Author's Page from the page Tharos  ?  ?
fMSX An MSX / MSX2 emulator for the gp2x. (archive) A600  ? Yes [29]
fmsx2x A MSX emulator (archive) Uncanny  ?  ?  ?
Frodo2x The Frodo Commodore 64 emulator Frodo2x (archive) Mike Dawson Yes Yes [30]
Fuse Spectrum emulator. Author's page. (archive) bosteen Yes Yes [31]
GP2X-MSX MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ emulator. Port from version of SDL fMSX from Vincent van Dam. ZX-81's Site (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [32]
GP2Xpectrum A ZX Spectrum Emulator. (archive) hermes PS2R Yes w/ file
GP2X-SIM SAM Coupé emulator. Port from CVS 0.90 beta 4 of Simcoupe. Autor's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [33]
GP2X-THOM A Thomson To7 Emulator For Gp2x. TO7 is an french computer from 1982 at 1984. Autor's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [34]
GP2X-TI92 A Texas Instrument calculator emulator website (archive) zx-81  ?  ?  ?
GP2X-Yape Commodore Plus/4 emulator. Ported from version v0.32.4 of Yape. Autor's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [35]
GP2X-ZX81 Sinclair Zx81 emulator. Ported from version 2.1 of Russell Marks z81 emulator. Autor's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [36]
Legacy IBM PC 8086 émulator Author's Site (archive) shinelife  ? Yes [37]
Neko Project II NEC PC-98 Emulator Pedestrian's site (archive) pedestrian  ?  ?
OutcaST The Atari ST computer emulator. Codejedi Site (archive) skeezix / Codejedi Inc.  ?  ?
UAE2x Amiga Emulator (archive) GnoStiC  ?  ?
UAE4all Amiga Emulator Vividvillage (archive) critical Yes Yes [38]
VICE2X Emulator for C64, C128, VIC20, Plus/4, Pet and CBM-II. VICE2x site (download) Mike Dawson Yes Yes [39]

Portable Consoles

Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out Source
Cygne 2x Wonderswan Emulator Madelman's Site (archive) madelman  ?  ?
GNUBoy Gameboy & Gameboy color Emulator (with support for gamesaves). It won 3rd place in the Coding Competition '06. Porter's Site (archive) K-Teto Yes  ?
GP2XHandy Atari Lynx Emu for GP2x Porter's Site (archive) tuskenraider2k No Yes [40]
gp2xVBA GameBoy Advance emulator, too slow to be considered playable. (archive) domm & last versions pcklee123  ? Yes [41]
gpSP A port of gpSP (original port by Exophase). (archive) zodttd & Exophase  ?  ?
Handy2x Atari Lynx emulator Author's site (archive) Tharos  ?  ?
NeoPoP GP2x Neogeo pocket emulator. Author's site (archive) madelman  ? Yes [42]
Potator2x Watara Supervision emulator. Sourceforge page (archive) Normmatt  ? Yes [43]
RACE! Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator. (archive) Flavor  ? Yes [44]
Spot GP32 emulator. In realy early developpement stage. (archive) Squidge  ?  ?
WS2X Wonderswan (mono, color and swancrystal) emulator Misato's Site & Puck2099's Site (archive) Puck2099/^MiSaTo^  ?  ?

Home Consoles

Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out Source Code USB
2600 Atari 2600 emulator. Ported from V2.2 of Stella. porter's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [45]
7800 Atari 7800 emulator. Ported from version 1.0 of Greg Stanton's emulator. porter's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [46]
Alexkidd2x Master System and Game Gear emulator for GP2X. GP32WIP (archive) Puck2099  ? Yes [47] 2
ColEm ColecoVision emulator. Ported from Unix version 1.0 of Colem. porter's page (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [48]
Columbo Colecovision Emulator Codejedi (archive) skeezix  ?  ?
CPCE PC Engine Emulator (archive)  ?  ?
DrMDx Megadrive/Genesis, Master System emulator DrMDx (archive) Reesy w/ Fixer Yes [49]
FCE-Ultra GP2X NES emulator. Porter site (archive) NoName  ? Yes [50]
FishyNES NES emulator. ASM core, GUI and sound. (archive) fishybawb No  ?
Gex2x Vectrex Emulator (archive) Squidge  ?  ?
GnGeo2x NeoGeo emulator. GnGeo Homepage (archive) pepone Yes Yes [51]
GP2PSX PSX emulator forum thread (archive) ZodTTD  ? On Request
GP2Xengine PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 emulator. (archive) Hermes, Kounch for the Hack version Yes  ?
GP2X-Int Port of the Jzintv (Joe Zbiciak) emulator of the Intellivision videogame system website (archive) zx-81  ? Yes [52]  ?
Gp2xMESS Port of the MESS emulator. Currently supports the Atari 7800, Colecovision, Texas Instruments 99/4A Home Computer, Tandy Color Computer, Odyssey 2 and the Apple II Family. Author's Site (archive) telengard  ? Yes [53]
GPFCE An excellent NES emulator. [54] (archive) zzhu1982 and notaz (> 0.2) Yes Yes [55] Yes 2
HU6280 PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 emulator. Developer's Site (archive) Vobbo  ? No
IN2X A gp2x port of the Jzintv Intellivision emulator by Joe Zbiciak Tonsomo Entertainment (archive) jblanchard No Yes [56]
InfoNES2x NES Emulator. (archive)  ?  ?
NeoCDGP2X NeoGeo CD emulator. [57] (archive) NK Yes Yes [58]
NES2x NES emulator. (archive) NK Yes Yes [59]
o2em_GP2X An Odyssey 2 & Videopac+ emulator for the GP2X Original emulator (archive) S Poyser  ?  ?
Osmose2x SMS Emulator. No file selector included yet. Original Emulator (archive) Redox  ?  ?
Phamicom NES emulator Author's Site (archive) madelman  ? No
Picodrive Sega Genesis/Megadrive/Sega CD Emulator (archive) Notaz Yes Yes [60] 4
PocketSNES Combined the current SquidgeSNES with the renderer of PocketSNES - and now we've got an SNES Emulator that runs most games Fullspeed with sound at 250 MHz - INCLUSIVE transparencies! (archive) Reesy  ? Yes [61]
Red Dragon A quick port of the Virtual Boy emulator (archive) Ported by Dj Jack, original by Frostgiant and Parasite.  ?  ?  ?
SMSPlus2X Master System/Game Gear emulator smsplus2x webpage (archive) efegea  ? Yes [62]
SnesGP2X Super Nintendo/Famicom emulator (archive) NK Yes Yes [63]
SquidgeNgine PC Engine emulator Squidge (archive) Squidge  ?  ?
SquidgeSNES Super Nintendo/Famicom emulator Squidge (archive) Squidge,Reesy Yes V0.34
Stella Atari 2600 Emulator Zansatsu (archive) Zansatsu Yes Yes [64]
Temper A PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator website (archive) Exophase  ?  ?  ?
Virtual Jaguar x2 A gp2x port of the Atari Jaguar emulator - Virtual Jaguar. Tonsomo Entertainment (archive) jblanchard  ? Yes [65]


Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out Source USB
CPS2emu Port of the CPS2 emulator for PSP by NJ to the GP2x. (archive) ell Yes W/file 4
FBA2X A port of Final Burn Alpha, an arcade emulator for CPS1 and CPS2 machines (archive) Squidge / Headoverheels Yes  ? Yes
MAME GP2X Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator which allows the user to play old arcade machine games. MAME GP2X is a port of MAME 0.34 (a very old MAME release) to the GP2X by Franxis that supports 1124 ROM sets (as of version 1.8). Author's page (archive) Franxis Yes Yes [66] 4
MAME Black Tiger MAME Black Tiger game emulator. Developer's page (archive) Franxis  ?  ?
MAME Pacman Arcades Pacman, Ms Pacman, Pengo Emulator. (archive) Lazrhog  ?  ?
MAME Williams MAME Williams arcade emulator. MAME GP2x Site (archive) Mike Dawson  ?  ?


Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out
2XMark 2006 A benchmarking tool for the GP2X that measures arithmetic speed (fixed and floating point) and OGG Vorbis audio decoding speed (more tests to come!) and gives you a final composite score. Epic Gaming (archive) Epicenter  ?
2XWord A utility to help solve crosswords, word puzzles etc. Author's Site (archive) ParkyDR  ?
3DNP A viewer for prerendered 3D images website (archive) Thorsten Schlüter  ?
Autorun ini and icon - Windows A windows icon changer (archive) Paul Kostrzewa No
Alternate autorun ini and icon - Windows A windows icon changer website (archive) Oz Phillips No
Asetup A utility to automatically set up the gp2x None (download) Cactusbin  ?
Battery Test An utility used to test battery life website (archive) Puck2099  ?
Cafix A terminal-program, which can connect your Casio Calculator CFX 9850 with your GP2X and send programs between them website (archive) elektranox  ?
Cal2x Mathematical Calculator with sigma sum, drawing graph... (archive) Baek Jonghyeon  ?
Calculator A simple calculator (archive) Jb2kred  ?
Clock2x A clock for your gp2x (archive) Cyberpuer  ?
CPU/LCD-Tweaker Use to adjust the frequency of both CPU and screen LCD timing (archive) god_at_hell, Hermes/PS2Reality, Robster, Vimacs Yes
dhcp client daemon A dhcp client daemon for the gp2x (archive) boeseronkel2k  ?
eReader Visual Novel Reader (archive) neglox  ?
fbGrab Script that launch "fbgrab" and creat an fbdump.png file 10 secondes after the launch. (archive) efegea  ?
fetchmail Gets your Mails via POP3 or IMAP website (archive) Elektranox  ?
fGrabber fbGrab frontend Author site (archive) IceOnly  ?
G(P)=2X A function plotter for the gp2x (archive) Cyberpuer  ?
GP2X EnergySaver Saves energy while GP2x is idle. (archive) kounch  ?
Gp2x Package Manager package manager for the GP2X based around dpkg. Source code (archive) Orkie  ?
GP2xOpenSSH SSH server and client [67] (archive) Bitcoder  ?
GP2X Samba Client A Samba client on the GP2X (archive) una-i  ?
GP2X Sleep Puts the gp2x into a sleep state (archive) Lithosphere  ?
gp2x Stereo Fix An unofficial patch which fixes the speakers and headphones (MONO > STEREO) website (archive)  ?  ?
gp2x stereo fix patch autostart  ? (archive)  ?  ?
GP2Xpdf A a very fast PDF-Reader using the GP2X11 X server. Author's Site GP2X11 Page ParkyDR  ?
GP2X USB HOST driver GP2X UsbHost Driver website (archive)  ?  ?
GP2X USB Serial A patch for the gp2x which redirects the serial output to the USB cable (archive) gfoot  ?
Gpress and Getrss An offline RSS Reader and download tool website (archive) CGC  ?
GirEllO Reboot Reboot your GP2X (archive) GirEllO  ?
Hotkey Hotkey daemon is a simple program that runs in the background waiting for

a specified key combination to be pressed.

(archive) bja / kounch  ?
Joytest Lets you test the different joystick configurations suggested by DaveC. (archive) miq01  ?
LCD Pixel Fixer Fixes stuck pixels (archive) Jeremiah Bess (Penguin Geek)  ?
Links Basic Web Browser (archive)  ?
lrzsz A ZModem implementation for the gp2x (archive) bjimba  ?
Mandelbrot Mandelbrot (archive) Jannis (jix) Harder  ?
Movie history remover Cleans the movie history (archive)  ?  ?
msmtp Sends your mails via smtp to your prefered server website (archive) Elektranox  ?
PDFView PDF Viewer OddSoftware (archive) theoddbot  ?
pv2x Slidshow viewer that support jpg, png and gif files. (archive) G.o.D  ?
pyBrush Drawing tool (archive) Barnesy  ?
pyDiskUsage-fw2.0 View how much free space you have in your sd card and memory nand (archive) Carlos Galisteo  ?
pyMap Simple Map Viewer [68] rautiocination  ?
Rhapsody2x Tiny IRC client for the gp2x. (command line based) porter/sourceforge (archive) khanku  ?
sbagen A binarual beat creator (archive) critical  ?
sdlmore  ? (archive) Artemio Urbina  ?
Selector A general frontend to programs that need to be passed a file as a parameter - supports additional parameters and setting the cpu clock Official site (archive) kounch No
Skin2x A skin viewer/setter gp32x (download) Yoyo+  ?
Sleep A GP2X sleep utility (archive) Jb2kred  ?
Speaker Toggle De/Activate the GP2x speaker output (not the hearphone jack sound). (archive) Voyageur  ?
STerm Terminal emulator forum post archive jochang  ?
termula2x GP2X terminal emulator website (archive) canavar, acid_head  ?
timer A simple timer util (archive) kimeli  ?
Tiotest Software to test SD cards. Site du projet (archive) TeLegrapH  ?
TV-Out Fixer Utility which tries to solve a problem that happens with TV-Out and some programs. Once activated, it launches a background proccess that, at stablished time intervals, fixes the screen if the TV-Out mode is enabled. This way, many programs that do not have TV-Out support, can be used right away. GP2x Comp. Kounch  ?
VNCServer 2x A simple vnc server for the gp2x (archive) Lithosphere  ?
Wget Wget for your GP2X (archive) Elektranox  ?
Wireless USB Toolkit Connect to any open wireless network from your GP2X with a RT2570 chipset wireless usb dongle website (archive) Bobby Martin  ?
zgv2x zgv image viewer for GP2X (archive) Mat  ?


Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out
AYLet A ZX Spectrum AY player. It features a nice ZX Spectrum 128-Style GUI. Original project page (archive) ParkyDR  ?
BSPlay A Soundmon player (also supporting tons of other old Amiga sound formats through included modules). It features a nice Amiga Demo-Style GUI. Brian's Page (archive) Brian Postma  ?
CAM2X A webcam for the GP2X website (archive) Lithosphere  ?
CraigAmp Winamp Clone (archive) Craigix  ?
Drumbox Drum machine WIP featuring 10 Channel 44.1Khz 16bit sound. (archive) Rick Kelsall  ?
ExDrum Machine A very very simple Synth Drum website (archive) StreaK  ?
FFPlay FFPlay documentation and supported file formats are available at (archive) nickspoon  ?
FlashPlay Flash player. (archive) nickspoon  ?
Gma Player MP3 player with lrc support (lyrics, paroles) (archive) NK & GMA  ?
Gmu Gp2x Music Player A alternate audio player for the GP2x that can play MP3, OGG, MPC, FLAC and module track with cover viewer, playlist and more Official page (archive) wejp  ?
Gp2xPd Allows you to put your Pure Data patches on your gp2x and jam with them using the joystick. So basically it lets you make your own little music machines and play them on the gp2x. Dev's Site (archive) Chris McCormick  ?
GP2x Tracker A tracker for GP2x based on the DT-42 DrumToy software. (archive) critical  ?
LittleGPTracker The GP2x version of LGPT. (archive) M-.-n  ?
MadPlayergp2x MP3 Player in command line (archive) Domm  ?
Metro2x Metronome application using pygame (archive) Luke Miller  ?
Milkytracker Milkytracker is a free music creation tool inspired on Fast Tracker 2 (a popular MS-DOS tracker for the PC) [69] (archive) pailes & deltafire  ?
MP2X MoviePlayer modified from Gmplayer (archive) ell  ?
OldPlay OldPlay is a multiformat musicplayer Original Progam's Site (archive) Sasq & Micket Yes
ommpc2x A fairly full featured client for the Music Player Daemon(mpd) website (archive) Coder_TimT  ?
Pikix Vidéo DJ software for GP2x. Official page (archive) plikita  ?
Pocket Flash GP2X A flash player which supports swf files up to flash7. No sound yet. (archive) barslip  ?
Sidplay2x Commodore 64 Music Player (archive) Progenitus  ?
Soundbox A programmable sound effect “key chain” website (archive) PokeParadox  ?
ST-Sound GP2X A YM/SC68/SNDH music player for the GP2X (archive) bja  ?
Wmvplayer Plays WMV and WMA files (archive) Ell  ?


Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out
Enexfi Graphical SD Explorer (archive) JyCet  ?
Enlightment for Embedded A proof-of-concept menu for embedded devices website (archive) rasterman  ?
Gipiix Alt. menu system (archive) [tchern0byl  ?
GMenu2X An alternative frontend for the GP2X. Sourceforge Sourceforge Massimiliano Torromeo  ?
GP2X-GPE the GPE Palmtop Environment for the GP2X. (archive) nemonoid  ?
GP2X11 X11 Server [70] (archive) Orkie Yes
Menu2x Menu replacement. It can use shortcuts, which is really cool. (archive) Waninkoko  ?
Midnight Commander Text-based GUI [71] (archive)  ?
Mocca Alternative Frontend similar to bastardshell GP2x Forge (archive) RiX0R  ?
Qtopia Application that transforms the GP2x into a PDA. Project Site (archive) NK  ?
Sycophant Sycophant (formerly GP2Xcc) is a replacement application launcher. Project Wiki (archive) Mindlord Yes
Unify A better file manager with an association between application an file type (archive) SirDzstic  ?
WanX Menu replacement for GP2x (archive) Waninkoko  ?
Xynth Port of an embedded Linux system Sourceforge Anhanguera  ?
zLauncher Launcher for the GP2x (archive) kilroy  ?

Text Editors

Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out
Edge Pad A text editor. Sector808 (archive) Woogal  ?
GP2X-Write A simple text editor website (archive) zx-81  ?
kditor text editor (archive) krumn  ?
Nano2X Port of GNU/Nano, a console based text editor. [72] (archive) khanku  ?
Notes2x An ergonomic text editor (not archive) techFreak  ?

Text Readers

Name Description Webpage Download Author TV Out
2xbook does (automatic) paragraph rewrapping and newline collapsing (great for gutenberg text) [73] see homepage ewoud dot nuyts <at>  ?
CBook A simple text reader which renders text in a readable font (archive) Chris Cooper  ?
DicViewer DicViewer is an Ebook reader like the default one from GPH but with MP3 playback integrated for those that want to here MP3 reading some text file. Project Site (archive) deadwi  ?
FLite A vocal text reader. Original Site (archive) nickspoon  ?
GP2X Vtex Text File Viewer - word wraps on spaces to avoid splitting words over multiple lines. Saves position of the file you are viewing, displays current line and total number of lines. (archive) Larry Richardson  ?
GP2xole ANSI-Compatible Text-Output system Official page (archive) Greg Allen  ?
GReader2X Text reader with focus on customization (key bindings, TTF font, colors, size, normal/bold) includes automatic word wrap and bookmark. Includes Audio player (mp3/Ogg) & international support. Official page (archive) Coder  ?
Rsvp4gp2x Rapid Serial Visual Presentation text fiewer for the gp2x. Customizable keys, text rotation, bookmarks. Requires Pygame. (archive) azmodean  ?
TextReader Text reader with many options (like remembering your spot in the file) (archive) hermes PS2R  ?
Viewer4DM A text viewer that also plays MP3's website (archive) deadwi  ?
Xreader Text reader with file selector and other options. (archive) schan  ?


Name Description Webpage Download Author
Allegro Allegro from wikipedia SF Project Page (archive) gfoot
curl and libcurl With curl you can write programs, which connect to webservers (archive) Elektranox
Dynamic stick gating Improves stick handling in software (archive Radek Kowalski
GMath3D A graphics library for gp2x (archive) Jason Erskine
Libgp2x A minimal library for getting low-level access to the GP2x's hardware, in the same vein as rlyeh's minimal library. Documentation Google Code Andrew Wilkinson
ODE Library for simulating rigid body dynamics. Project Site BuD
TinySDGL Port of the library for 3D developpement. Original project (archive) jb2kred
Usbjoy Library for use USB Joysticks (more than 100 at same time ;)) on GP2X connected to the Breakout Board or a similar device. Also included a simple program to test USB joysticks (until 4 at the same time) called joytest. (archive) Puck2099
Vincent An implementation of the OpenGL ES API for mobile devices SF Project Page Sourceforge Subversion Hans-Martin Will

Programming Languages

Name Description Webpage Download Author
EDGELIB Commercial C++ mobile game engine for PDA's, mobile phones and GP2X Website Elements Interactive
Fenix Simple game language programming Official Site (archive) Puck2099
Glua2X Lua port with SDL for GP2x. (wiki) memiks
GPLua2X Lua port with SDL bindings (github)' (binary) pelle
Java-Gp2x-Runtime Actualy in beta but is delivred with jamvm, GNU classpath and sdljava port. (archive) Fungostar
Lua2X A quick port of Lua for the command line. [74] (archive) Orkie
Perl2x Port of Perl 5.8.7 for the GP2x (archive) Miyu
Python & Pygame Python and Pygame extension port for the GP2x Python & Pygame (archive) theoddbot
Ruby and Rubygame SDL binding Use the ruby language and the rubygame extension that binds SDL to create games.. Rubygame Site (archive) Fujeyla
Scheme (Chicken Interpreter) Chicken is a Scheme language interpreter and compiler. Chicken Site (archive) Felix Winkelmann
SmallBasic A BASIC language development toolkit for the gp2x. BlackMacs Stuff (archive) Stefan Lange-Hegermann
Tiny C A 'C' compiler for the gp2x that runs on the gp2x. Tiny C Site Antony
VERGE Port of the game engine VERGE (Vecna's Extraordinary Roleplaying Game Engine) to create RPG games. Official Site (archive) Ness

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