Golden Sun for GBA
Download(s) (archive)
domm for the first version & pcklee13 for the latest version
Version 0.12q
Status Alpha

This is a port of VisualBoyAdvance SDL, GameBoy Advance emulator, for the GP2x. It isn't optimised and thus isn't very fast. Most of the time it rounds around 6fps.


  • Savestates
  • Gui menu
  • Sound
  • Optional stretching
  • Frameskip

Source code is available here


  • Download and extract the archive to a folder on your SD card
  • Install the SDL libraries on your GP2x.
  • Copy your gb, gbc, and gba roms to the "roms" folder, VBA also has zip support.
  • Launch the emulator file using the games menu on the GP2x.


Button A
Button B
Button L
Button R
Take a PNG format screenshot.
Speed up the emulation.
Stick button 
Emulation speed.
Stick button + Vol+/-
Increase/Decrease frameskip.
Stick button + Start 
Quit the emulator.
Stick button + B 
Load a savestate.
Stick button + A 
Save a savestate.
Stick button + X 
Display the frame rate.
Stick button + L + R 
Toggle between full screen (stretched) mode or normal GBA screen.
L + R + Start 



  • Joy0_ * (where * is a number): Enables you to modify the configuration of the buttons based on the wiki values to know which value to put according to the buttons of GP2x.
  • frameSkip: modify the number of images which the emulator skips. The higher it is, the faster the emulation is, but less fluid. And the lower the value, the slower the emulation (compared to the GBA). The values can go from 0 to 5; 5 being the default value.
  • gbFrameSkip: allows you to modify the frameskip for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color. the values can go from 0 to 5, 5 is the default value, and while it skips 5 frames, it is the fastest.
  • video: allows to define the enlarging of the screen of the GBA. the default value is 0 thus screen identical to that of the GBA.
  • fullScreen: Full screen mode, strech the image of the emulation to fit in all the GP2x screen.
  • soundOff: Activate/Desactivate the sound, you can gain fps if desactivated. 0 to activate the sound other value to desactivate it.
  • soundQuality (sound quality): Defines the quality of the sound the values stand for: 1 for 44 Khz, 2 for 22Khz, 4 for 11Khz. The default value is 4.
  • showSpeed: displays the FPS. Off by default.
  • autoFrameSkip (automatic jump of image): allows to regulate the automatic management of the Frameskip by the emulator. It is activated by default.
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