2xQuake II

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2xQuake II
A screenshot of Quake II
Download GP2x File Archive
Original Developer id Software
Ported By Woogal
Version 0.01
Webpage [1]
Status Released and playable

2xQuake II is a port of sdlquake2, the open sourced Quake II engine, by Woogal. 2xQuake II uses the original PC game data to let you play Quake II on your GP2X. Quake II is a first person shooter developed by id Software and released on November 30, 1997. It is, to an extent, a "sequel" to Quake (also available for GP2X).


At this time 2xQuake II is pretty slow, on a 200Mhz GPX2 you can only get about 6.4fps with an autoexec.cfg (Quake II config file) optimised for speed.

Using Mods

Currently the only means of launching a Mod is by creating another q2launch file. Copy the file q2launch.gpe by changing its name. Read the instructions to launch the Mod and add the command line parameters to the end of /mnt/sd/quake2/sdlquake2.gpe. Example: if the instructions say to put ' quake - game somemod +map somemap' then your launcher file '/mnt/sd/quake2/sdlquake2.gpe must contain -/game somemod +map somemap'. All Mods should function but sometimes one does not function and without a serial cable it is difficult to know why.

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