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A screenshot of Quake
Download GP2X File Archive
Original Developer id Software
Ported By Woogal
Version 0.03
Webpage [1]
Status Released and playable

Quake is a first-person shooter that was released by id Software on May 31 1996. It was the first game in the popular Quake series of computer and video games. More details on this game can be found at Wikipedia.



The game is very playable and benchmarks at 12.5 fps on demo1 at 320x240, 200mhz, with full detail, and around 20 fps at 240x180, 250mhz, full detail. The game is fully playable through all four episodes.


  • Download the archive and extract all the files from it.
  • Put the quake folder somewhere on your SD card. Pak files go into the id1 folder as normal, and mod folders go into the quake folder alongside id1.
  • To run, select quake.gpe from the gp2x games menu. Press start to bring up the menu.
  • When at the menu, press the joystick down (as in pressing the joystick in to the GP2X rather than the down direction) to select options.
  • To use a screen resolution other than 320x240 you should create a script that runs something like 'quake.gpe -width 240 -height 180'. Width and height can be anything you like but as of 0.03 has only been tested as high as 360x288 (strange things may happen if you go higher). Resolutions much smaller than 160x120 could have problems and aren't really supported.

Running mods

Currently the only way to run mods is by creating a launcher script. Read the instructions for running the mod and add the command line parameters to the end of quake.gpe. Eg, if the instructions say to type 'quake -game somemod +map somemap' then your launcher script should contain 'quake.gpe -game somemod +map somemap'. Not all mods will work, and without a serial cable it sometimes won't be clear what the problem is.


Press the stick or B to select menu items. Use Start to go back. Game controls can be defined from the options screen.

The default controls are:

Start Menu
Stick Move
A or Stick press Fire
B Jump
Y Change weapon
X Run
L Strafe
R Look
L+R Centre View
Vol Up Swim Up
Vol Down Swim Down
Vol Up+Vol Down A (if that does anything)
Select B (unassigned)


To save options, make sure you exit from Quake. You can execute commands at startup by using an autoexec.cfg file as normal.

Known Bugs And Work Arounds

  • The game requires both pak0.pak and pak1.pak to be present however only pak0.pak is distributed with the shareware version of the game. This can be overcome if pak0.pak is copied and renamed to pak1.pak. Corrected in 0.02
  • When swimming in water the game will sometimes crash and kick you out to the GP2x root menu. To avoid this be sure that the gun barrel is visible on the screen when you enter the water. For example, the gun barrel is visible in the screenshot of the game on this page. Corrected in 0.02
  • Has a persistent horizontal row of plain grey pixels at the top and sometimes left side of the screen during gameplay. - This isn't a known bug (as I don't know about it and have never seen it happen). Can people please report bugs and not just add them randomly to this list - woogal

This page was mostly adapted from the 2xQuake readme file

Version History

  • v0.03 - 05/08/06
    • TV out support.
    • Letterbox mode for widescreen on a 4:3 display.
    • Widescreen fov fix.
    • USB mouse and keyboard support.
  • v0.02 - 21/02/2006:
    • Slight speed increase.
    • No longer requires both pak0.pak and pak1.pak.
    • Shouldn't crash when entering water.
    • Supports variable screen resolutions up to 320x240.
  • v0.01 - 13/11/2005:
    • First version.
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