... So, tell me, is it just my installation that seems to crash every time the character is about to go for a swim, or what?

See the wiki page of this game in trouble shooting section ;). You have to display in the screen the weapon barre. Yod4z

That did the trick (thanx Yod4z). It took a little while before figuring out where to do that, and for you other who read this and suffer from the same adhd as me (never read a whole page of text): DECRESE VIEW SIZE

for some reason my copy of the game refuses to save, where and how can i fix this? -sephiroth111

I can't get past the fourth level on first ep. As soon as I shoot at the two switches at both sides of the second room to reveal the secret, the game hangs.. Suggestions? /a3-h


I tried booting off Episodes 2-4, but they crash the game. What is with that? --SamuraiClinton 19:38, 2 April 2006 (PDT)

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