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Fenix is the codename for a GNU project to create a free compiler for a scripting language derived from the one created by Hammer Technologies for the Game Developement Suite "DIV Games Studio". However, however several changes have meant that DIV source code will no longer compile without changes.

Fenix is an interpreted language focusing on 2D videogame development. It's main feature inherited from DIV, is pseudo-parallel programming. It gives the developer the ability to program different processes (enemies, characters, etc) separately, and the engine will syncronize them. This makes video game developing much easier. Most of it's features are now based on Simple Directmedia Library (SDL). This makes Fenix a very easily portable launguage. Other features include full 2D support (scaling, transparencies, blendops...), 16 bpp color, sound (.ogg, .mod, .it, .s3m, .wav), joystick support, mode7 and extensions via DLL.

The GP2x build has been ported by Puck2099 and the current version is Beta4.


Game for the GP2x using Fenix

See Category:Fenix_Games for a list of Games using Fenix and that have a page on this Wiki.

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