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Developer(s) Artemio Urbina
Version 0.2

Since I wanted to run certain unix commands on my GP2X while on the go and I wanted to see the output, I figured an application that took the stdout and stderr or any command line and draw that with SDL could be made. It is not something I am particularly proud of, but I believe it can be quite useful to some folks out there.

Requirements: Simply to put a file named font.ttf (any ttf font) on the same folder as the executable. An included free Arial Narrow ttf font is available in the package.

Use: ./sdlmore PROGRAM

where PROGRAM is the command that you want to execute. If the command has parameters, you can enclose the whole thing between quotes. Such as:

./sdlmore "ls -al"

The command also takes an optional numeric parameter after the command to execute, which defines the font size to use. The default is 15 but depending on the font you are using and your preferences you might want to change that.

Personally, I use this command on a gpu script (There are some examples provided, even one for dosfsck that unmounts the SD and remounts it after the check). I have found that it is better for me to have all this scripts on the nand under a folder (such as utils). I hope you find this useful :)

Version history

  • Added font size option.
  • Made sure to read all the output of a program when start is pressed, to ensure it does finish. It also shows a message when that happens.
  • Corrected minor bugs.
  • Initial Release
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