madplaygp2x is the port of the command line MP3 player madplay. It was ported by Domm.

The Source Code is available at the archive.

Launch madplaygp2x as a simple player

  • Example of command line: /mnt/sd/bin/madplay -- adjust-volume=0 -- sdl-control - Z - R /mnt/sd/mp3s/*.mp3

This line indicates that one launches madplay which is located in the directory "bin" of our SD with a starting volume of 0Db with control of the player at the joystick by reading the selected file MP3 contained in the "mp3s" directory of our SD card.

  • Options in this mode:

-- adjust-volume: Begin with an initial volume from 0 decibels.

The accepted values are included/understood from -175 to 

16. For me 0 are a value correct without the helmet (with the HP of GP2x) With the turn of -25, is a value correct for listening with the helmet.

-- sdl-control: That you permez to use Joystick for controller the reader

  Right-hand side - Its following in the list. 
  Left - Its preceding in the list. SELECT - Pauses. 
  START - To leave reader MP3. Flight - To decrease the sound volume (That takes 1 second
  before being effective). 
  Vol+ - To increase the sound volume (That takes 1 second before being effective).

-x: Rendre le son muet.

-z: To mix the playlist.

-r: To make the playlist random.

To launch madplaygp2x behind main to be able to use a(n) Game/Emulator/Application

When the reader is launched with this type of order, the control of the reader are not available S. What leaves the buttons of free GP2x for another thing :D (Plays, Emulateurs, Applications). With the result that you must define as a preliminary what you want that the player makes by using the line of order. The pieces read in this mode are read until A what they are finished.

In this example, one launches madplay which is located in the repertory "bin" at the root of your chart SD by induquant a starting volume of 0Db with a reading alléatoire of the MP3 ad infinitum by taking the MP3 in the repertory "mp3s" located has the root of your chart SD

  • Options in this mode:

Use: /mnt/sd/bin/madplay [ OPTIONS ] FILE [... ] Decode and audio play MPEG File.


 -v, --verbose                verbose Posts the state while playing.
 -q, --quiet                  Remains silent but post errors.
 -Q, --very-quiet             Remains silent and does not post the errors..
     --display-time=MODE      use default verbose time display MODE
                                (remaining, current, overall)


     --downsample             Reduce the sample rate 2:1.
 -i, --ignore-crc             Ignorer the erreors of CRC.
     --ancillary-output=PATH  Ecrire ancillary data to PATH.

Audio Output:

 -o, --output=[TYPE:]PATH     To write output STANDARD to PATH with format (below).
 - B, -- bit-depth=DEPTH      request DEPTH bits per sample.
 -R, --sample-rate=HERTZ      request HERTZ samples per second.
 -d, --no-dither              do not dither output PCM samples.
     --fade-in[=DURATION]     Fade in over a period of time (DURATION) (Par Défaut 0:05).
 -a, --attenuate=DECIBELS     Decrease the signal in DECIBELS (-)
 -a, --amplify=DECIBELS       Increase the signal in DECIBELS (+)
 -A, --adjust-volume=DECIBELS Override per-file volume adjustments
 -G, --replay-gain[=PROFILE]  Enable Replay Gain volume adjustments using
                                PROFILE (radio, audiophile)

Output Selection:

 -1, --left                   output first (left) channel only
 -2, --right                  output second (right) channel only
 -m, --mono                   mix left and right channels for monaural output
 -S, --stereo                 Force stereo.


 -s, --start=TIME             This to move to start at time (TIME) (HH:MM:SS.DDD).
 -t, --time=DURATION          To play the music only for one duration (DURATION) (HH:MM:SS.DDD).
 -z, --shuffle                Randomize file list.
 -r, --repeat[=MAX]           To play the files with the MAX of their duration, or indefiniment.
     --tty-control            To activate controls keyboard.
     --no-tty-control         To deactivate controls keyboard.
     --sdl-control            To activate controls with the joystick sdl (Player controlled by Joystick of GP2x).
     --no-sdl-control         To deactivate controls with the joystick sdl


 -T, --show-tags-only         To only post Tags ID3/encoder (Not decoding).
 -V, --version                Posts the version number and quits.
     --license                Poster the message of copyright/license and quits.
 -h, --help                   Shows help and quits.

Formats supported:

 cdda    CD audio, 16-bit big-endian 44100 Hz stereo PCM (*.cdr, *.cda)
 aiff    Audio IFF, [16-bit] PCM (*.aif, *.aiff)
 wave    Microsoft RIFF/WAVE, [16-bit] PCM (*.wav)
 snd     Sun/NeXT audio, 8-bit ISDN mu-law (*.au, *.snd)
 raw     binary [16-bit] host-endian linear PCM
 hex     ASCII hexadecimal [24-bit] linear PCM
 null    No exit (decode only)


To use it, it will be necessary for you either to pass by the Sterm terminal, or to create you a gpe file with a text editor (attention the return chariau Windows do not function with).

  • A file GPE for launching madplayer as a decoder mode:
  mount /mnt/sd - O remount, sync Cd /mnt/sd/bin/ 
  /mnt/sd/bin/madplay -- adjust-volume=0 -- sdl-control - Z - R 
  /mnt/sd/mp3s/*.mp3 2> madplay_output.txt mount /mnt/sd - O remount, 
  async Cd /usr/gp2x/ exec /usr/gp2x/gp2xmenu 

With this you will be able to listen to MP3 and controller the reader with the joystick of your GP2x but you will be able nothing to make of other and when you leave will turn over to the menu of GP2x.

  • A file GPE for launching madplayer behind plane (here one launches Quake to the continuation):
  #!/bin/sh mount /mnt/sd - O remount, sync 
  /mnt/sd/bin/madplay -- adjust-volume=10 - Z - R /mnt/sd/mp3s/*.mp3& Cd
  /mnt/sd/games/quake/ /mnt/sd/games/quake/quake.gpe sync mount /mnt/sd 
  - O remount, async madplay_pid=`pidof madplay` echo "kill -9 # 
  " > > /mnt/sd/bin/madplay_output.txt kill -9 
  $madplay_pid Cd /usr/gp2x/ exec /usr/gp2x/gp2xmenu

This one launches madplayer for reading our mp3, then will launch the file for quake.

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