Pygame is a Python-based game development kit that is known for it's simplicity. As Python is an interpreted language Pygame, it is never going to be as fast as writing code in C. This may not be a problem because much of the processor intensive work, such as rendering the graphics, is handled by SDL. Pygame is excellent for prototyping games or writing simple puzzle or arcade games.


The first beta has been released including Python, Pygame and a bunch of SDL libraries.


  1. Download the package from either or
  2. Extract the zip files and copy the files to your SD card.
  3. When run test01.gpe should display a red square for a few seconds
  4. For test02, copy some sound files to the cards root and rename them file.wav and file.ogg, it should display the red square and play some music and sound effects.


For more information/tutorials etc, please visit

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