Python is a high level programming and scripting language featuring clean syntax, dynamic typing and an interpreter. It is fairly easy to use, highly productive, and usually used on desktop or enterprise machines. It is currently the favorite language, by lines of code, at Google.

On the GP2X, the Pygame library is used to create games using the Python language.

If anyone has used Python for other tasks on the GP2X, please add them here or to the talk page.



  • To start python, you will need to install STerm or equivalent.
  • First off, get the GP2X Python archive here. In this case, we won't be using the pygame* folder or it's contents, so you can leave it if you want to. Pygame is discussed here.
  • Upload the python/ directory to your root directory on your SD card (/mnt/sd).
  • Once that's done, load up your GP2X. Go to Utilities and locate your STerm (or whatever terminal you use). Start it by pressing B. Then invoke the following commands to start python:
# cd /mnt/sd/python/
# ./python


# /mnt/sd/python/python

Consider creating a startup script that you can run from your GP2X menu. Make sure to use a .gpe or .gpu extension!

See Also

  • Pygame - A useful library for python game programming.

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