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Developer Puck2099
Version v0.5 Xmas Edition
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Status Released and playable


What is AlexKidd2X?

It's a SEGA Master Sytem and Game Gear emulator for the GP2X.


  1. Unzip the files in any place on your SD card.
  2. Copy the roms into the rom subfolder located in

the Alexkidd folder. The emulator can also run roms from .zip files.

Is the source code available to download?

Yes, as it is said by GPL license, you can download the source code from GP32WIP. By the way, I warn you that the changes realised to the code are not enough "cleaned" nor documented. If you want to make any change, please, I would be very grateful if you contact me first to avoid working two people in fixing the same bug :)


  • Controls can be remapped from the menu, but by default are the following ones:
Joystick -> Pad.
Button 1.
Button 2.
Change between the 10 slots for savestates.
Save game.
Restore game.
Enable/Disable the battery state.
Go back to main menu, exiting the game.
  • In the Rom Selection:
Make the actual directory to the default one.
Creat an CRC file of the roms in the directory to have fast reload of the list.

Version History

New in V0.5 mas Edition - 25/12/2006

  • Rewritten most source code to get a more accurate emulation.
  • Added Squidge's MMU Hack to increase a bit the speed.
  • Added CRC database. Each time you load a game, it is checked its CRC and compare with the internal database to get its name and some parameters.
  • Folder structure has been changed. Now savestates are located on "save" instead of the roms folder and configuration files have .cfg extension. Using this CRC, now the data is saved using the appropiatre name so if we have a rom with some different names, the emulator will take them internally as the same one, allowing that we can use the savestates and configuration files automatically in all of them.
  • Added 10 slots to save/load states instead of the only one used in the previous versions. You can change between slots using CLICK+VOL- and CLICK+VOL+
  • Added status messages to show information in some situations (information when save/load state, slot change, ROMs information...).
  • Added the possibility to overclock or downclock the Z80 speed from options menu. It can be useful in some games that didn't work 100% speed in the original Master System hardware.
  • Internal RAM save/load works fine now.
  • Added digitalized voices and working fine (see Street Fighter 2, Gauntlet, Game Gear's Sonic...).
  • Added correct FM chipset support. Now you can choose from two different implementations. By the way, it is CRC checked so it will be only actived in games that support FM (Wonderboy 3...).
  • Added the possibility to choose samplerate between 44100 and 22050. They sound mostly the same, so by default it is selected 22050 that is faster.
  • Added brighter colour palettes, now it looks better smile.gif
  • Optimized tile cache.
  • Changed left vertical bar from background colour to transparent colour.
  • Removed different frameskip levels and added autoframeskip.
  • GUI rewriteen using 8 bits. It avoids changing video mode between the GUI and emulation avoiding some problems.
  • Fixed partly screen flickering in ROMs selector.
  • Now it is saved CPU speed and LCD configuration when loading the emulator and they are restored when exiting, avoiding disturbing LCD configurations when loading another program.
  • Some minor changes and tweaks in the GUI (scroll pages using Left and Right, remember cursor position in roms list...).
  • Folder CRC scan from roms selector pushing SELECT. This will save an information file that will be loaded automatically and without pause each time you select that folder.
  • Added compatibility mode for some Game Gear roms that didn't work correctly (Castle of Illusion, Prince of Persia, Out Run Europa...). They are showed as Master System games.
  • Added the possibility to show Game Gear roms using Master System resolution.
  • Added support to USB joysticks. Now it is possible to play two players using one or two USB joysticks and a breakout board or similar device.
  • Changed region mode. Now you can choose the region (Japan or USA/Europe) and video mode (PAL or NTSC).
  • Added a much better support for PAL mode and its 50 hz.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

New in V0.3

  • Changed screen color depth from 16 to 8 bits therefore achieving a 60% speed increase.
  • Added some more speed options to roms selector in order to conserve battery power.
  • Added the possibility to configure the default path looking for roms (see installation).
  • Added directions to controls remap, so you will be able to assign a button to a pad direction (quite useful in games as Bank Panic).
  • Improved control in buttons remap, now it's more accurate.
  • Added the possibility to change default configuration for all roms (push CLICK+Y in rom configuration screen to apply this to all roms not being executed previously).
  • Added region selector to limit FPS to 60 (NTSC) or 50 (PAL).
  • Added support to SRAM in games that incorporate that memory.
  • Added the missing characters (!?[]) to the font used in the roms selector to improve the visual aspect.
  • Fixed bug that doesn't close sound device at exit.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

New in V0.2

  • Code completely rewritten from SDL to Rlyeh Minilib therefore achieving a 15% speed increase (Alex Kidd in Miracle World runs almost 100% at 166 Mhz).
  • Sound improvements, now runs at 44100 Hz and sounds "clear".
  • Added volume control.
  • Added optional FPS board.
  • Increased speed in ROM selector.
  • Added personalized game configuration (it's saved automatically when launched).
  • Saved cursor position on ROMs selector so you don't have to start from the beggining when selecting a new ROM.
  • Added combination to delete ROMs from the selector.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Game Compatibility

Please use the new compatibility pages. The continued use of the lists on individual emulator pages will result in a temporary ban!
Thank you for your cooperation.

Status Levels:

Status Level: Description:
Untested Has not yet been tested.
Works Full speed, no noticeable problems.
Mostly Works Playable, but with noticeable glitches, or not playable because of speed, with no glitches.
Barely Works Glitches or speed make game unplayable, but it will boot.
Doesn't Work Will not boot, or crashes on boot.

Game Gear
Game: Status: Version: Comment:
Defenders of Oasis Works 0.2

Sega Master System
Game: Status: Version: Comment:

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