Emulator Compatibility

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This is the main portal through which all compatibility lists for systems emulated on the GP2X can be accessed
Please note, there is another compatibility list using a custom written frontend, Checklist.


  • All lists assume the speeds quoted are with sound. If a game is simply unable to reach 60FPS with sound, place the speed achievable at 200Mhz with sound in the first column, the speed required to reach 60FPS without sound and state "No sound" in the additional comments column.
  • If a new emulator version is released, don't update existing entries for that emulator, add a new one for that version.
  • If you use Frameskip or no console default sound samplerate, indicate them in comment.
  • If an emulator has settings that tend to be different for each game (like Picodrive), set as many as you can with better graphics coming first, then better sound and anything else after and record all the settings you can use and still get 60FPS in the additional comments box.
  • Facts only must be stored in this section. This is why the additional comments box has been specified for use for emulator options rather than opinions. Opinion is different from person to purpose. What you may consider perfectly playable with good sound, others may consider jerky with popping sound.
  • You may place information about glitches in the additional comments box.
  • Please try to put the Good Tools name of the rom.









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