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A screen capture of the SMSPlus2X
Download(s) The Version for GP2x
Developer(s) SMSPlus SDL
Version v0.5
Status Playable

SMSPlus2X is a Master System/Game Gear emulator created by efegea (Francisco González). It is currently in beta, thus bugs are still present. For the moment the graphic interface doesn't work.

efegea (Francisco González) ported this emulator from SMSPlus SDL by Gregory Montoir, which in turn is based on SMSPlus by Charles Mac Donald.

The source code is available HERE.


What is Sega Master System/Game Gear?

  • Sega Master System is one of the first consoles of the big enterprise Sega released in 1987 who had realize another version in 1990 but that does not have permit him to beat Nintendo's NES. The Master System is an 8-bit console which makes it possible to have up to 16 simultaneous colors from a pallet of 64 colors.
  • GameGear is the portable console from Sega released in 1990 to counter Nintendo's Gameboy, but unfortunately even if this console made the games of the Master System transportable its problems with these games and the lifespan of the battery (only 4H of play uninterrupted), and unoriginality (just came from the master system version) made that it did not have success expected in the portable game console market. It is a portable 8-bit console able to display 32 colours simultaneously on a pallet of 4096 colours in resolution 160x146 on a 8.3cm (diagonal) screen.


  1. Download the new version of SMSPlus2x.
  2. Install SDL libraries if not already installed.
  3. Decompress the file anywhere on your SD (it is just necessary to have the files "sms_sdl" and "smsplus2x.gpe" in the same directory).
  4. Put a rom file in the same directory as the former by calling it "rom.sms".
  5. Execute the file script "smsplus2x.gpe".



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