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Original Developer Clonk Planet, Linux Port
Ported By Daid
Version v0.9
Status Stable Release

This a port for the GP2x of Clonk Planet. Source code here.


Version 0.9

  • Alot faster because of the hardware blitter and LCD in 8bit mode.
  • Frontend much nicer.
  • (All) Tutorials playable.
  • Much less memory usage, and thus castle dunkefelds and the hazard lab playable.
  • Saving/Loading works
  • Surrender is always allowed.
  • Going up ranks fixed.

Version 0.2 - Stable Release

This is the fully working port, as 0.1 was unstable and crashed after a few minutes. The speed should be alot faster. The frontend also allows more options. For the full changelog see the readme.

You can download version 0.2 here: (0.1 users, remove old folder first as it contains obsolete data)

NOTE: KnightBuild.c4s is a map that is playable with the Knights object pack enabled, but you need to disable sound then as sounds use up to much memory for the rest of the pack to load.

Version 0.1 - Public Beta

The complete Clonk Planet freeware version is included, this for multiple reasons:

  • The GP2x frontend is limited to only running maps.
  • The GP2x frontend cannot read in "Group" files, and thus cannot run scenarios in scenario folders.
    • But you can the Official windows front end to pull them out.
    • Pulled apart the Easy/Maps/Tutorials and World scenario folders for the Linux only boys&girls.

Other notes:

  • This port wouldn't be possible without "anszom" who did the SDL linux port. I just fixed it up so it worked on the GP2x.
  • Visit his site here:
  • The font is ugly, I know. But better than the ttf font used by the "anszom" linux port.
  • The frontend is uglier, I also know. Feel free to do better, just pass the files that need to be loaded to the engine as parameters.
  • The frontend ALWAYS loads Daid.c4p, thus don't delete that one. I'll fix that later.
  • There is no config file. The config is hardcoded in the engine ATM (as the config loading/saved seemed broken)
  • Some complex scenarios don't seem to load, or could just take a very long while.
    • I think the GP2x runs out of memory at some point. Not much I'm willing to do about it.
    • Castle Dunkelfels is an example of not loading, the Research Lab loads but is very slow.
  • There is no way to quit. Well, the engine crashes when you quit so who care ATM?
  • Volume is not adjustable at the moment. Don't wear headphones as the sound is kinda load right now.
  • No music.
  • Have fun.


  • Directions, as directions.
  • B, Dig
  • X, Throw
  • Y/A, Multi select
  • L/R, prev/next char
  • Start, Menu
  • Vol buttons, NOT VOLUME but special action 1/2.
  • SELECT, Config menu


  • Frontend player creation
  • Testing the saving system


Clonk Tutorial Screen
First Version Screenshot
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