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Developer(s) nickspoon
Version 0.01 Beta
Status Released but laggy
Webpage Original Program

FFPlay is a multiformat video player supporting many more video codecs and audio codecs than the GP2x's default video player and audio player, respectively. This player uses the FFMpeg library and SDL library. Actually is quite slow (but Divx is played correctly at 200MHz), it's advised to deactivate the sound on WMV files for a more fluid viewing. FFPlay documentation and supported file formats are available at sourceforge.


  1. Download and extract the contents from the file anywhere on your SD card.
  2. Install, if that were not done yet, SDL libraries.
  3. Name your video file in "video.avi" or audio file in "music.mp3" and place it near the GPU file or edit the GPU file to indicate the name and place of your video and audio file.
  4. Launch from "the Utilities" menu of GP2x by selecting "ffplay-videoavi.gpu" (launch the file named video.avi), "ffplay-videoavi-noaud.gpu" (launch the file named video.avi but without the sound), "ffplay-musicmp3.gpu" (play the file named music.mp3), ffplay-musicmp3-nodisp.gpu (play the file named music.mp3 with blank screen).

Supported codecs

MPEG 1&2, MPEG-4 (Divx4/5 and Xvid), MSMPEG4 V1;V2;V3, WMV7 and 8 (not entirely), H.261, H.263(+), H.264, RealVideo 1.0 and 2.0, MJPEG and lossless, APPLE MJPEG-B, Sunplus MJPEG, FD, HuffYUV, Video FFmpeg 1, FFmpeg Snow, Asus V1 and V2, Creative YUV, Video Sorenson 1 and 3, On2 VP3, Theora, INTEL Indeo 3, FLV, ATI VCR 1 and 2, Cirrus Logic AccuPak, Video 4X, Sony Playstation MDEC, Id RoQ (used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games.), Xan/WC3 (Wing To order III MVE files), Video Interplay, APPLE Animation, APPLE Graphics, APPLE Video, APPLE QuickDraw, Cinepak, Microsoft RLE, Microsoft Video-1, Westwood VQA, Id Cinematic Video (Quake2), Double diffusion RGB, video COP, Duck TrueMotion v1 and v2, Video VMD, MSZH, ZLIB, TechSmith Camtasia, IBM Ultimotion, Miro VideoXL, QPEG, LOCO, Winnov WNV1, Autodesk Animator Studio codec, Fraps FPS1, CamStudio, American Laser Games Video, ZMBV.
WMA V1 and V2, MP2, MP3, AC3, Microsoft ADPCM, ms IMA ADPCM, QT IMA ADPCM, 4X IMA ADPCM, G.726 ADPCM, Duck DK3 and DK4 IMA ADPCM (Sega saturn), Westwood Studios IMA ADPCM (Westwood plays), SMJPEG IMA ADPCM (plays of loki), CD-Romanian XA ADPCM, CRY ADX ADPCM (Sega Dreamcast), Electronic Arts ADPCM (Plays EA Games), Creative ADPCM, RA 144 and 288, RADnet, audio FD, Id RoQ DPCM (Quake III, Jedi Knight 2 and others), Interplay MVE DPCM (plays Interplay computer), Xan DPCM (Wing To order IV), Sierra Online DPCM (Plays Online Sierra), APPLE MACE 3, APPLE MACE 6, FLAC audio lossless, Shorten audio lossless, APPLE audio lossless, FFmpeg Sonic, Qdesign QDM2, Real COOK, DSP Group TrueSpeech, Audio True (TTA).
PGM, PPM, WFP, JPEG (not into progessif), animated GIF, png, SGI, PGMYUV, WFP.
Containers supported
MPEG, dvb, vob, avi, mkv, mka, asf, wav, flv, RA, rmv, AC3, qt, str, roq, mve, wc3, cpk, VQA, AUD, cin, fli, flc, VMD, sol, WVE, UV2, NSV, AAC, VOC


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