Jenny Thinks


Jenny Thinks (Chrysler II) is a demo co-created by Team Fit and Team Bandwagon for Assembly' 04 to run on the GP32. It was later ported to several systems including OSX, DOS, Windows, Linux (x86 32 and x64, PPC), OSX, solaris, Sgi, Amiga, MorphOS, FreeBSD, Dreamcast, GP32 and GP2x which are available for download on their ftp server.


  • NF/Bandwagon - design, code, video clips & sound samples
  • Marq/Fit - design, code, GP32 port
  • Roz/Fit - music

The video clips and the sound samples were taken from the internet site of domain public films. Here is the list of the films used:

  • "For Good Living room (Brown Derby Beer Promotion)" (Ca 1937)
  • "The Trip" (1939)
  • "Are You Popular?" (1947)
  • "Classic Television Commercials (Share I)" (1948-1969)
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