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Developer(s) NK
Version 1.7.1 (Qtopia)
Status Released
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Qtopia Qtopia is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Unix/Linux on embedded systems. It is developed by Trolltech and is based on the Qt library.

Qtopia exists in two versions:

  • Qtopia PDA Edition: For PDAs.
  • Qtopia Phone Edition: For cellphones.

NK made a port of Qtopia (PDA Edition) for the GP2X.



  • Necessary: To be able to run Qtopia on your GP2X, it is necessary that your kernel has networking capabilities. In order to have one that does that and have Qtopia on it, do these things:

1. Get the file that's available at http://archive.gp2x.de/cgi-bin/cfiles.cgi?0,0,0,0,8,1285

2. Extract all files to the root of the GP2X's SD card.

3. Download the latest version of Qtopia and decompress it onto your SD card (it can be in any folder, preferably \Qtopia).

4. Follow the directions available on the site that has been linked in step #1.

5. Launch the Qtopia.gpu file from Tools menu of your GP2X.


Use the joystick
Button B or click on joystick.
Home (Return to the menu without leaving the launched program)
Select (or space if you are in a text box)
Enter (Return)/Ok
A virtual keyboard can be used (simply click on the icon representing a keyboard in bottom on the left, beside the logo of Qtopia).


When you first launch it, you must input some information:

  • Time/Date: In this window it asks you to tell it the date and the time. You can also choose the format of the date.

Caution: Currently, you can't choose the time zone. You should avoid clicking the button to the left of the text box to avoid error messages.

  • Contact: You can add your personal info in this part.

Then, after having clicked on Finish at the end of these two pages of setting parameters, Qtopia starts launching itself. This phase of setting parameters only occurs when first starting it.

Caution: Be patient, when launching Qtopia, it is necessary to wait a certain amount of time (Less than 25 seconds) before you can use it.

Caution: Do not launch World Time as it is unable to find time-zones and will not allow you to close it due to error messages. Hold START to minimize it and continue using Qtopia.


The basic applications available with Qtopia at the end of the installation are as follows:

  • File Manager (or Tree!Explorer QT): Allows you to explore the file structure of it
  • Terminal: Terminal (Allows you to see if anything is wrong with a program, etc.)
  • ToDo List: Notes (Tasks to be carried out)
  • JustReader: Allows you to view text files
  • Text Editor: Text editor
  • Clock: Clock (Calendar, stopwatch and lapse of time)
  • Image Viewer: Allows you to look at images (With some options and all.)
  • Contacts: Manage your list of friends, family, etc. and their related info
  • Calendar: Diary (To organize your RDV and others)
  • Calculator: Allows you to do simple math
  • System Info: Shows you information about your system (How much RAM and CPU is being used and the version of Qtopia & Linux kernel installed)
  • ZBEDic : English/Korean Dictionary
  • World Time: Allows you to choose the time zone and view the time in other countries (Currently does not function)
  • PDF Viewer: Allows you to view PDFs
  • Opera Web Browser: Allows you to browse the Internet


Qtopia is divided into 3 parts represented by tabs:

  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Documents

In the Applications tab, you can find all the applications available.

The Settings tab enables you to customize Qtopia. You can change the appearance of it, change the language, change settings (Icon size, size and color of the font used, and the style for the background) for all of the individual tabs, change the rotation of the screen and change the sound settings (Keyboard/Screen sound and the volume of it).

And finally, in the tab labeled Documents, Qtopia lists all documents it finds on your GP2X(including the files present on your SD card [/mnt/sd/]). Each icon symbolizes the type of file, if this one is associated to an application (For example, BMP with Image Viewer), it is enough to click on the icon of the file to open it with the associated program.

Use of USB peripherals (keyboard/mouse)

NK has supposedly already used a USB keyboard and mouse with Qtopia and an EXT->USB adaptor. The currently released version does not have this feature but future versions may do.

Addition of new applications

You can downlad applications developed for Zaurus at this page.

The format of the packages for Zaurus is ipk. It is essentially a .tar.gz. Winrar can open ipk files, as can 7Zip.

To add new applications to your qtopia.img, you need to download the utilities and follow the guide available here. (link fixed) A mirror of the file on the gp2x archives is available here

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