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From [1]:

Xynth has been ported to GP2X (http://wiki.gp2x.org) with little effort. Keep watching ChangeLog for updates. Also keep an eye on the GP32x forum thread.


  • TCP/IP (allows client/server connection on different hosts)
  • UDS (Unix Domain Sockets)
  • pipe() based socket api implementation. useful for embedded devices. (there is no dependency for TCP/IP stack, if clients and server linked in single app.)
  • Memory based pipe(), read(), send(), poll() implementation. Xynth is able to work even if there is no file descriptor on system.
  • mutex and condition variables implementation using semaphores.
  • DMA (Direct Memory Access). allows clients to draw directly on graphics buffer.
  • Buffer streaming (allows client/server connection on different hosts)
  • Ported Applications:
  • Ported Libraries:


Xynth desktop
Xynth menu system
Xynth menu system 2
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