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As I see it, the wiki has been neglected and become full of out of date or simply incorrect information and a lot of the articles show some degree of bias. I don't propose we be as aggressive towards bias as the Wikipedia is for example, it is important to try and eliminate a lot of the needless bias.

So, how are we to fix it? As detailed below, one thing everybody can help out with is simply rewriting and reorganising articles which are poorly written or set out. Articles should follow a standard layout depending on what they are about. It'd also be nice if everybody could check their spelling first (I know a lot of the regular editors spend a lot of time fixing up small errors in formatting or spelling).

Next is a major problem in my opinion - lists. The GP2X community seems to love making them, but hate keeping them up to date. This has resulted in loads of emulator compatibility lists which are totally wrong. They are also purely subjective as they are, and I believe they should be removed. This is less of an issue currently as we've been aggressively combating the problem.

I'm also going to be holding a monthly vote to decide the featured application: see the appropriate discussion page for more information.

Ideally, we should be aiming for perfection on the wiki, but just cleaning up is the main priority.

Any comments/objections/complains are appreciated. It'll be a long job, but it should make a world of difference. Orkie 03:59, 22 August 2007 (PDT)

Organisational details


To add a new category just add

[[Category:Category name]]

to the bottom of the pages (multiple such Category tags if required). If the category page doesn't exist yet just edit it and add a brief description of the category. For more help see the mediawiki category help page.

For a list of existing categories see:


The categories are by no means complete, a lot of pages still need to be categorized. And some categories should be added, ie: User Tutorials

Outdated pages

Please tag such pages with [[Category:Old Pages]]


  • Updating of existing articles
  • Improving the quality of articles in the wiki
    • Checking over style of writing - 3rd person, correct grammar and informative style.
    • Having a NPOV all the way throughout the wiki
  • Eventually, adding more articles

The ultimate goal of the cleanup is mostly to make it more friendly for users and developers alike - to make it easier to use and to make it easier for people to find out quickly what they want to know - newbies and experts alike.


If you see any vandalism/spamming of pages, please revert it and report the spammer on the Talk:Spammers page.

Also See

  • Wiki Frenzy - Spread the word!
  • Wiki Style - Good suggestions, should be turned into guidelines at some point.
  • Rules - There's only two, try to follow them.
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