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Developer(s) Christian Bauer
Mike Dawson
Version v0.9.9
Status Playable
Webpage Frodo's Site

Frodo2x is a Commodore 64 emulator ported by Mike Dawson from the cvs version of Frodo. The standard features of Frodo are included along with useful additions for a handheld system such as a virtual keyboard and zipped file support.
The Frodo2x home page is at



Copy the files:

  • Frodo.gpe
  • Frodo
  • FrodoPC.gpe
  • FrodoPC

to the top level of your SD card. You can then launch Frodo from the standard game launcher menu. Some games that don't work in Frodo will work in FrodoPC, and vice versa.


The button assignments are currently:

Open menu
Left shoulder
Open the virtual keyboard
  • The joypad by default is in port 2. For games that require a joystick in port 1 you can change this from the Frodo menu.
  • If you select 'reverse controls' from the menu, the buttons A,B,X and Y act as the joystick and joypad push fires.

To load most games you simply need to select 'attach' from the menu and select the appropriate .d64 file. Then select 'load first program'. To load another select 'reset c64', then do the same again. For disk images that contain multiple files first attach the image, then select 'load directory browser'. Use the virtual keyboard to select a file.


Graphics have now been optimised for the GP2X and it should now run at full speed with zero frameskip.

Frodo2x can use d64 (disk) and t64 (tape) images, plain .prg files, and native directories. Zipped images are also now supported. Disk images can be written to, but not zipped disk images.

Snapshots are saved to the c64/snapshots folder and can be loaded like any other file.

Use the left shoulder button to open and close the virtual keyboard. If it's in the way of what you're typing use the bar at the top to drag it around.


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