Mayhem 2 on VICE
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Developer The VICE team
Version 1.22
Webpage Author's Site
Status Almost perfect

This is a port of VICE for the GP2X. VICE2X includes emulators for the following Commodore machines:

  • C64
  • C128
  • Plus4
  • Vic20
  • PET
  • CBM-II

GP2X binaries and source code are available at the VICE2X home page



  • Select: Open the options/load menu
  • Left shoulder: Open the virtual keyboard
    • Button B: For normal keypress
    • Button Y: For shifted keypress


VICE2X offers the same compatibility on the gp2x as when it runs on a PC and runs at full speed for the majority of software. The remaining focus is on adding tweaks and preferences that might be useful.

Ready for next release

In progress/ongoing

  • better NTSC support in tv-out mode
  • snapshot thumbnails
  • performance

Requested features

Please list and vote with a * on any options that are in the PC version that would be useful in the gp2x port.

  • option to disable sound **
  • possibility to use USB keyboard and joystick **
  • ability to keymap buttons to different keys - e.g. mapping 'Y' to 'up' (to make platform games easier to play with the F100 joystick)


Mayhem in Monsterland on Vice2x
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