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A screenshot of Hexen II
Download GP2x File Archive
Original Developer Raven Software
Ported By Adventus
Version PB2
Webpage [1]
Status Playable

This is a GP2X Port based upon the Hammer of Thyrion linux port of Hexen 2. It allows you to play the Hexen 2 demo and full games as well as the "Portal of Praevus" expansion pack.



From the README (modified/paraphrased)

  1. If your data files are not patched to v1.11 apply this patch your Hexen 2 PC install: 
     After verifying your version, copy the "data1" folder (and inclusive files) from your
     Hexen2 CD or PC install to anywhere on your SD card. 
     If you want to apply the same settings (increase performance) as I use copy the
     "autoexec.cfg" file from the .zip and paste over the config file found in

  2. Copy the gpe, gpu and mmuhack.o files that came with this readme to the 
     same directory on your SD card. If you want the mission pack "Portals of 
     Praevus" installed copy the "portals" folder from your hexen 2 
     install/CD to the same dir on your SD card. The should result in the 
     following file structure:
  • ./portals/*.* (for mission pack support)
  • ./timidity.cfg (for midi support)
  • ./data1/*.*
  • ./2xHexen2.gpe
  • ./2xHexen2.gpu
  • ./mmuhack.o
  3. Run the .gpu on your GP2X. Enjoy.

Helpful Hints

  • Use shared timidity (i.e. dir /mnt/sd/timidity/ entry)


  • L = strafe left / exit
  • R = strafe right / enter
  • A = use
  • B = attack / exit
  • X = crouch / enter
  • Y = jump
  • Vol- = change weapon
  • Vol+ = change item
  • Start = menu
  • Select = toggle run


  • PB1 -> PB2
    • I've added support for portals of praevus (actually this was working before you just could play the demoness character or play the intro.). I had to do a nasty hack to get this working, but it seems stable.
    • You can now play the demoness character in the original missions.
    • Model Caching. Improves loading speed (after initial level load anyway).
    • Improved the general rendering speed.
    • Improved the transparency rendering speed.
    • Other minor things i can't remember.


  • Singleplayer is fully playable.
  • Implemented some optimisations from PocketQuake as well as some of my own. Still requires some overclocking though.
  • Redesigned GP2X input system.
  • Supports Background midi music (if you have timidity installed). SFX are not supported, they conflict with SDL_mixer....

Known Issues

  • Shifting Textures: Especially ones at a distance, This is due to a fixed point optimisations.
  • No Sound FX: This is because the sound FX implementation requires direct access to the sound buffer.... this is incompatible with SDL_Mixer.

Using Mods


(If i've forgotten someone please contact me.)

  • GP2X Port -  Programmer - Adventus  Beta Tester- namco
  • Minimal Lib -  Rlyeh
  • PocketQuake -  Dan East
  • Linux HoT Port -    Hammer of Thyrion Team
  • Original Developers -  Raven Software and Activision
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