Download(s) (not archive)
Developer(s) Glyph & Cog, LLC., ParkyDR (port)
Version 0.4
Status Released
Webpage GP2X11 Site

GP2Xpdf is a port of the PDF reader, Xpdf adapted for the GP2X.

This port requires the GP2X11 server ( to be installed.



  • Download from GP2X11 and place the contents on your SD card.
  • Launch the .gpu file to start the application

Note: If you are upgrading from version 0.3 or above and intend to delete the old version, you may want to save the bookmarks file (gp2xpdfdata/bookmarks).

You can download the source code here.


  • A - Scroll left to right then back at the end of the line
  • B - Select icons (equivalent to left mouse button)
  • X - Menu (equivalent to Right mouse button)
  • Y - Hold down and move joystick to pan (equivalent to middle mouse button)
  • L/R - Scroll up/down page
  • Volume +/- - Zoom in/out
  • Select - Hide/show tool bar
  • Start - Open/close bookmarks dialog

In the open dialog

B - Single click select, Double click change directory/choose file

In the bookmark dialog

B - Single click select a bookmark for load or save, Double click load bookmark

There are buttons (icons) to move forward and back and a button to change the zoom. On the left edge, near just above the buttons is a small toggle that can be dragged to review the document outline.

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