Aleph One

Aleph One
A screenshot of Aleph One
Download [1]
Original Developer Bungie
Ported By Jonn Blanchard
Version v1.1
Webpage RG Softworks
Status Released

Aleph One is a first-person shooter using the Marathon engine that was released by Bungie. Sourcecode available here.

Read the included AlephOne_Readme.txt for instructions - Recompiled with newer libs, sound seems to be better


Default Controls
Stick Look (up,down,left,right)
Click Center
A Sidestep left
B Sidestep right
Y Forward
X Backward
L Primary Fire
R Secondary Fire
Vol Down Activate
Vol Up Cycle Weapons
Select Map

A show-stopper is the lack of a Swim key. This makes it impossible for the player to get out of fluids in the game. This makes many levels of Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity impossible to complete. For example, the first level of Marathon Infinity requires the player to navigate a series of flooded rooms and then emerge from the fluid at the base of an elevator. Without a swim key, the player will become stuck and will not be able to continue.

The controls are now fully configurable, and also come with a choice of 3 presets. The terminals are now readable, and can be navigated using A/B or L/R.

Press the Activate button to respawn after dying.

Saving/Loading works but is tempremental.

To use you need to download the datafiles from unzip the contents to the data directory.

Other scenarios (which may, or may not work) are here

Marathon 1 (M1A1)

How to get it working

You need to rename some of the files after you extract AlephOne-M1A1-1.0.tar.gz

Rename the following files:

  • M1A1 Images to Images
  • M1A1 Music to Music
  • M1A1 Sounds to Sounds
  • M1A1 Map to Map
  • M1A1 Shapes to Shapes
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