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I'm now cleaning out the back catalogue to get stuff    
out, works been hell just recently, but i'll finish    
the stuff i'm doing, get Aleph One v1 out and     
(hopefully) consolidate my IN2X work with the        
official port.  Then i'm done, it's been great    
releasing stuff on the gp2x, thanks for the ride    

Current GP2X Projects

IN2X - Intellivision Emulator On hold for a while, there appears to be an official port of jzintv in the works so i'm seeing where that goes. The next release (if it happens) should fix quite a few things.

Virtual_Jaguar_x2 - Atari Jaguar Emulator In progress, confident that when I can get the code working that we'll hit double figure FPS.

Jurl2x - Arcade shooter

Aleph One - Marathon Trilogy Version 1.0 in test soon, Simple menu's added, saving and loading added. Redefinable controls.

Football Manager - Port of a port of an old speccy game 90% complete port, just need to fix saving/loading - v1.0 released, save/load is still buggy though

Hex-a-hop - Puzzle game - v1.1 on the archive

Barrage - Action game - v1.0 released

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