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Original Developer Michael Speck
Ported By Jonn Blanchard
Version 1.0
Webpage [1]
Status Released and playable

Barrage is an arcade game where you gain points for killing the enemy, but lose them if any enemy troops escape.

enemy type

Gained points: Soldier:5Pts Jeep:20Pts Tanks:50Pts

Lost point if safe pass: Soldier:0Pts Jeep:10Pts Tanks:25Pts

Reload cost 36 points.

Source code can be found here


Unzip archive into a directory on your SD card.


  • In title screen:
    • Joystick : move the cursor
    • X : Select option
    • R : seem to crash the game.
  • In game:
    • Joystick : moves the targetting reticle
    • A or B: fires a single shot. Continuous fire if press.
    • X : fires a Barrage use 6 ammunition. Continuous fire if press.
    • Y : to reload ammunition.
    • Start : pause or return to the title screen.
    • R : seem to crash the game.


  • The sound cut them when you press select after presing start in game.
  • R button crash the game.
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