NeoCDGP2X is a Neo Geo CD Emulator created by NK. So far it is an early beta without any GUI but it runs some game near full speed without sound.

Download Latest 2005.12.03 version in package with other NK emulators



What was the Neo Geo CD?

The Neo Geo CD was a follow up to the Neo Geo which was released in order to keep manufacturing costs down. The Neo-Geo was a cartridge-based arcade and home video game system released in 1991 by Japanese game company SNK. The system was years ahead of other home systems of its time, offering huge, colorful 2D graphics, and high-quality sound.


  1. Download the SDL-libs and install them
  2. Download the latest version of NeoCD and unzip on your SD-Card.
  3. Acquire a Neo-Geo CD-image.
  4. Open the CD-image and copy the contents back into the directory that the CD-image is residing in.
  5. Delete the CD-image file.
  6. You should be able to remove any MP3-files to save space since the emulator doesn't yet support sound.
  7. Select all the contents of the folder and copy them to the SD-Card, preferably in a subdir called roms. You can zip the files if you wish for easier handling.
  8. Run 'neocdgp2x' under Games on your GP2X and choose the game you want to play.

Compatibility Status

Please use the new compatibility pages. The continued use of the lists on individual emulator pages will result in a temporary ban!
Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note version on future compatibility reports. Tested with roms launched with the "B" button (new engine) unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: With the apparently inherent rapid availability of new versions, some of this information may be out of date. We ask that you add any experiences you have to this list.

Status Levels:

Status Level: Description:
Untested Has not yet been tested.
Works Full speed, no noticeable problems.
Mostly Works Playable, but with noticeable glitches, or not playable because of speed, with no glitches.
Barely Works Glitches or speed make game unplayable, but it will boot.
Doesn't Work Will not boot, or crashes on boot.

Game: Status: Version: Comment:
2020 Super Baseball Works 2005.12.03
3 Count Bout (Fire Suplex) Works 2005.12.03
ADK World Works 2005.12.03
Aero Fighters 2 (Sonic Wings 2) Works 2005.12.03
Aero Fighters 3 (Sonic Wings 3) Works 2005.12.03
Agressors of Dark Combat (Tsukai Gan Gan Koshinkyoku) Works 2005.12.03
Alpha Mission 2 (Aso II: Last Guardian) Works 2005.12.03
Art of Fighting (Ryuuko No Ken) Barely Works 2005.12.03 Boots, but sprites are scrambled (memory access issue?). Not playable.
Art of Fighting 2 Barely Works 2005.12.03 No glitches, but speed is not adequate to play. Only works if launched using the "A" Button.
Art of Fighting 3 Barely Works 2005.12.03 No glitches under "B", but speed is not adequate to play. Glitches if launched using the "A" Button.
Baseball Stars Professional Works 2005.12.03
Baseball Stars 2 Works 2005.12.03
Blue's Journey (Raguy) Works 2005.12.03
Burning Fight Doesn't Work 2005.12.03 Game boots but hangs at Player Select screen
Breakers Barely Works 2005.12.03 Crashes when you close in for battle (either engine). Worked in version 2005.12.01
Crossed Swords Works 2005.12.03
Crossed Swords 2 Works 2005.12.03
Cyberlip Works 2005.12.03
Double Dragon Works 2005.12.03
Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu) Untested
Fatal Fury 2 Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Mai's stage is kind of psychedelic.
Fatal Fury 3 Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Menus graphics are a bit glitchy.
Fatal Fury Special Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Mai's stage is kind of psychedelic.
Final Romance 2 Works 2005.12.03
Football Frenzy Works 2005.12.03
Futsal (Pleasure Goal 5-on-5 Street Soccer) Mostly Works 2005.12.03 The players are thin vertical lines and the goals are missing. Very smooth gameplay though.
Galaxy Fight Works 2005.12.03 FS ~2
Ghost Pilots Works 2005.12.03
Iron Clad (Chotestu Brikinger) Works 2005.12.03
Kabuki Klash (Tengai Makyo Shinden) Works 2005.12.03
Karnov's Revenge (Fighter's History Dynamite) Doesn't work 2005.12.03 Crashes at menu.
King of Fighters '94 Mostly Works Backdrop frames split up during gameplay can affect gameplay.
King of Fighters '95 Works 2005.12.03 FS 1-2
King of Fighters '96 Works 2005.12.03 FS 0-1
King of Fighters '97 Mostly Works Plays with minor graphical glitches.
King of Fighters '98 Works 2005.11.30
King of Fighters '99 Works 2005.11.30
King of the Monsters 2 Works 2005.11.30
Last Blade Works
Last Blade 2 Mostly Works Character sprites can disappear and then reappear on screen during a bout affects playability.
Last Resort Works 2005.12.03
League Bowling Doesn't work
Magical Drop 2 Works 2005.12.03 Minor graphic glitches: texts aren't displayed
Magician Lord Works 2005.12.03
Mahjong Kyoretsuden Works 2005.12.03
Master of Syougi (Shogi no Tatsujin) doesn't work 2005.12.03 Hangs at title screen.
Metal Slug 1 Works 2005.12.03
Metal Slug 2 Works 2005.12.03
Mutation Nation Works 2005.12.03
Nam 1975 Works 2005.11.30
Neo Geo CD Special Untested
Neo Drift Out Barely Works 2005.11.30 Very close to working crashes at Race Start
Neo Turf Masters (Big Tournament Golf) Works 2005.12.03 Raster effect (parallax) not working, however it is barely noticeable
Ninja Combat doesn't work 2005.12.03 Hangs at title screen.
Ninja Commando Doesn't work Crashes to NeoGeoCD Menu.
Ninja Masters Works 2005.11.30
Overtop Barely Works 2005.11.30 Very close to working crashes at Race Start
Power Spikes Doesn't work
Power Spikes 2 Works 2005.11.30
Pulstar Works 2005.12.03
Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) Works 2005.12.03
Puzzled (Joy Joy Kid) Works 2005.12.03
Quiz King of Fighters Mostly works 2005.12.03 Small graphical glitches.
Ragnagard (Shin Oh Ken) Green 2005.12.03 FS 2-3
Real Bout Fatal Fury Works 2005.12.3
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Works 2005.11.30
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Works 2005.11.30
Rally Chase Works 2005.12.03
Riding Hero Doesn't work
Robo Army Works 2005.12.03
Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits) Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Playable, slows down on zoom outs.
Samurai Shodown 2 Mostly Works 2005.11.30 A few slight graphics glitches and a little slow, but still very playable.
Samurai Shodown 3: Blades of Blood Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Playable, slows down on zoom outs and some background glitches. 90% playable though.
Samurai Shodown 4: Amakusa's Revenge Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Slowed down a bit since version 2005.12.01? "B" much more playable than "A"
Samurai Spirits RPG Doesn't work 2005.12.03 Won't even boot. System hangs if you attempt to open the folder.
Savage Reign (Fu'un Mokujiroku) Works 2005.12.03
Sengoku Doesn't work
Sengoku 2 Doesn't work
Soccer Brawl Works
Stakes Winner Doesn't work 2005.12.03 Can't get past the title screen for some reason...
Street Hoop (Dunk Dream) Works 2005.12.03 FS ~3
Super Sidekicks (Tokuten Oh) Works
Super Sidekicks 2 Mostly works 2005.12.03 Smooth gameplay, no texture for the field.
Super Sidekicks 3 Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Plays fine but theres no green pitch, only stadium background!
Super Spy Works
Thrash Rally (Rally Cross CD) Untested
Top Hunter Works 2005.12.03
Top Player's Golf Works 2005.12.03
Twinkle Star Sprites Works 2005.12.03
Viewpoint Works 2005.12.03
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Doesn't Work 2005.12.03 No boot.
Windjammers Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Missing Menu/Text
World Heroes Works 2005.12.03
World Heroes 2 Works 2005.12.03
World Heroes 2 Jet Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Bouts end at strange times, sometimes immediately ending in a draw. Seems to be a counter/timer problem. Controls also seem to be too sensitive, registering double presses when you only pressed once.
World Heroes Perfect Works 2005.12.03
Zintrick Mostly Works 2005.12.03 Controls are now too sensitive to play correctly. Pressing the d-stick causes the character to jump to the top or bottom of the screen.

Other Required Files

NeoCDgp2x requires the following NeoGeo CD System roms (MD5SUM):

neocd.bin   f39572af7584cb5b3f70ae8cc848aba2

startup.bin 4cb478579dc723453b8215ac5d3da895

patch.prg   e8c57cf6e119f854917869e080ddaffa

Emulator Versions

2005.12.03 neocdgp2x.gpe 6690451f1d806d9830b2f6bc31fcbec8
Not really sure what changed here, but it is different.
2005.12.02 neocdgp2x.gpe 9408ef18cd43501ecdb5d4b80d0991fa
Exit bug fixed. Button mapping changed to match NeoGeo CD Control Pad.
2005.12.01 neocdgp2x.gpe 3d3ffcc964dc48c9141d9ba0ec027db8
Improved compatibility and slightly better speed. Layering problem has largely been resolved. No sound yet. May require a skins0 directory and files to function correctly. Includes two rendering modes selected by executing the rom with either the A or B button. "B" is the new renderer. Also includes support for MP3 music in games, make a neocd.mp3 folder and copy the mp3s into it inside your rom folder.
2005.11.30 neocdgp2x.gpe afc3b75a10b7988281972240f53c20df
Improved speed and compatibility, due to corrected Z80 emulation. It seems that there may be a layering problem that remains and affects playability of certain games that "cheat" on parallaxing. (Sadly, seems to be most fighting games).
2005.11.27 neocdgp2x.gpe bd9a502bace0ebf0d091ac749934bb9b
File browser, improved speed and compatibility.
2005.11.17     neocd.gpe 85ffdb28395488d2a1fa14c1b73ddd35
Original beta release. Only known to play Metal Slug.


Games that are playable on the current version:

Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3
Iron Clad
Last Blade
Last Blade 2
Last Resort
Magician Lord
Metal Slug
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