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Where are raster effects used in Neo Geo games?
Some places to see how raster effects are used are: - Art of Fighting (the AOF logo in attract mode) - Eight Man (the 8 logo in attract mode) - Galaxy Fight (the floor and other elements during gameplay) - Karnov's Revenge (the floor during gameplay) - Neo Geo Cup '98 (the pitch during gameplay) - Neo Turf masters (the perspective views during gameplay) - Samurai Shodown 3 (the floor in all levels, when characters jump) - Sengoku 2 (the Sengoku logo at the start of the attract mode sequence) - Syougi no Tatsujin: Master of Syougi (the logo again) - Super Sidekicks 2 (the pitch during gameplay) - Super Sidekicks 3 (the pitch during gameplay) - Riding Hero (the road during gameplay) - Super Dodgeball (the fire during attract mode) - The Ultimate Eleven (the pitch during gameplay) - Viewpoint (the Sammy logo in attract mode) - World Heroes (the floor in most levels during gameplay) - World Heroes 2 (the floor in most levels during gameplay) - World Heroes 2 Jet (the floor in most levels during gameplay) - Zed Blade (the parallax scrolling during gameplay) There are some other, sometimes less obvious places where they are used as well, e.g. Neo Driftout, Thrash Rally, and Top Players Golf use raster effects to align their zooming backgrounds. No emulator can emulate raster effects on the Neo Geo perfectly, some emulators don't emulate them at all.

While this is talking about NeoGeo MVS and not CD it is important to note because from my testing I'm not seeing many (if any) of the raster effects emulated properly.

--Dijitao 16:23, 5 December 2005 (GMT)

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