Download(s) (archive)
Developer(s) Milkytracker Team
Version 0.1.0
Status Released
Webpage [1]

This version is currently incomplete - however the basics are working, and you should be able to load/play tunes (even compose - if you are patient!). The following script (named milkytracker.gpu) can be used to load up MilkyTracker and return to the menu once it's exited:

--- cut here ---
# Start MilkyTracker:
# Sync SD card:
# Return to the menu screen after exiting MilkyTracker.
cd /usr/gp2x
exec /usr/gp2x/gp2xmenu
--- cut here ---

The mouse pointer can be controlled using the d-pad (it is accelerated with 3 speeds). Press the d-pad to click, or press the start button to begin playback. GP2X control is likely to be improved in future releases.

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