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Developer(s) birslip
Status Released
Webpage DSFlash site

Pocket Flash GP2X is a flash player for the GP2X, a port of DSFlash/Gplflash.


Supports swf files up to v7. sound is disabled, a cursor has been implemented, and the cpu can be overclocked.


Compatibility List

Status Levels:

Status Level: Description:
Untested Has not yet been tested.
Works Full speed, no noticeable problems.
Mostly Works Play/watchable, but with noticeable glitches, or not play/watchable because of speed, with no glitches.
Barely Works Glitches or speed make game/movie unplay/watchable, but it will run.
Doesn't Work Will not run, or crashes on attempt to run.

Better/Worse: Description:
Better Got better since last version
Worse Got worse since last version.

Game Status Version Comment Better/Worse
EXAMPLE Mostly Works 0.2beta Loads but runs quite slowly. Better
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