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Developer Squidge
Version v0.1
Webpage Squidge's Site
Status Released and playable

From Squidge's site:

I finally got my PCEngine project to work! Currently it runs R-Type at 45fps at fs0. No sound yet though.

Don’t worry about SSNes, it’s not been abandoned - I’ve just taken a break for a few days, and will now be able to implement all the stuff like volume control, in game menus, etc, into both emu’s.

This emu uses exactly the same menu system as SSnes, and will have the same in-game menu style/etc. So it can use exactly the same skin files as SSnes. However, I don’t think most people want a picture of a SNES in a PCE emu, so anyone willing to create a new background should get in touch via the “comments” section. Hopefully rokdcasbah is working on some icons for the emu, so no need to worry about those.

Backgrounds can be tested in SquidgeSNES 0.34, but anyone whos serious can of course have a beta of this emu to try there artwork on.




I’ve just released version 0.1 of SquidgeNgine. No sound, frameskip, frame limiter etc yet as this is just the first version. But lots of games are playable. Get it from the archive.

Alpha Releases

Alpha avaliable at [1].


Don't forget to apply the updates, I'll be releasing them from time to time. Install the "pre0" into it's own directory, and then overwrite files with the "upd0" etc files.

If you can't get it to work, wait for an official version before complaining, as these are alpha versions.

General Notes

roms should be in /roms/pcengine

With "upd0" you can't exit back to the menu, but you can exit to the gp2x menu by pressing both vol+ and vol- together.

The emu currently emulates a 6-button PCE gamepad, so A, B, X, Y and the shoulder buttons are used.


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