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EDGELIB is a commercial mobile game engine written from scratch in C++ originally created for PDA's and mobile phones. As of version 2.50 a GP2X version is also available.

Although EDGELIB is a commercial product, an unlimited evaluation version for non-commercial use can be downloaded for free.


Key features

  • True multi-platform development
  • High-performance 2D graphics
  • 3D graphics engine
  • Networking
  • Advanced input class
  • File manipulation

Supported platforms

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone - up to Windows Mobile 6
  • Symbian Series 60 (Nokia E60) – up to Symbian 9.1/S60 3rd edition
  • Symbian Series 80 (Nokia Communicator)
  • Symbian Series 90 (Nokia 7710)
  • Symbian UIQ (Sony Ericsson P900) - up to Symbian 9.1/UIQ 3.0
  • Gamepark Holdings GP2X game console running Embedded Linux
  • Gizmondo handheld console
  • Windows desktop (for testing purposes)

GP2X games utilizing EDGELIB


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