The GP2X is a Linux-based handheld game console and media player, designed & manufactured by the South Korean company, GamePark Holdings (GPH). GPH is comprised of the same design team that created the GP32 handheld console, which became popular among homebrew and emulation circles worldwide.



What distinguishes the GP2X from other handhelds (such as the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS) is that it is designed to be open and easily developed for by anyone:

  • The development software is free, open source software
  • It uses the standard SD media card for storage
  • Programs and data can be easily transferred to it via USB

What does this mean? Everyone can create games for the GP2X. For free.

The GP2X is not compatible with GP32 games or emulators, but many of these are being ported over to the GP2X.

GP2X Images

Shiny pictures of the GP2X? They're here.


GP2X Videos

Nice video showing off the GP2X in action Some videos can be found on Google Video (Search:gp2x). One video presenting the GP2x F-200 here

Release Date

GBAX reports that they have started shipping units as of Thursday, November 10. They plan to fill most preorders by Tuesday, November 15. GP32z is believed to follow suit. Official release date was said to been delayed to Jan 2006. It's unclear what the 'official release date' meant, given that product was written up in wired, SlashDot, and all other sources of news. It might be best to consider it 'released' The new GP2x F-200 were available on 31 october 2007.

Product Name

GP2X F-100 and new model GP2x F-200 (tactile screen).


Many hardware specification details can be found in Docs and Papers.

  • Main Processor: MagicEyes MP2520F
    • CPU 1: ARM920T - 200 MHz (Part of MagicEyes chip)
    • CPU 2: ARM940T - 200 MHz (Part of MagicEyes chip)
  • Dimension 143.6mm* 82.9mm*34mm
  • Mass (w/o batteries): 161g/5.68oz (GP32 NLU: 163g/5.74oz)
  • RAM: 64MB
  • Internal Storage: 64MB NAND Flash Memory
  • External Storage: SD card
  • Connections: EXTension port, USB(2.0), DC in (3.3V), Headphone jack.
  • OS: Linux
  • Batteries: 2 x AA
  • Display: TS35ND2501 3.5" TFT LCD by topsun
  • Resolution: 320*240(QVGA)
  • TV Output: up to 720*480 with separate S-Video cable. (by Conexant CX25874)


  • Video Codec support: DivX (3.11, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x), XviD
  • Format support: AVI
  • Audio Formats: MP3, OGG
  • Resolution: MAX 720*480
  • Frame Rate: Max 30 fps
  • Bit Rate: Video Max: 2500Kbps, Audio Max: 384Kbps
  • Caption: SMI


  • 2 Channel Stereo(L+R)
  • Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
  • Sampling Rate 16bit/8~48KHz
  • Supported Formats MP3, OGG
  • Equalizer Normal, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Pop

Included Software

Continuous playback time

Battery Life (2 x 2850mAh AA): 6 hours video, 10 hours audio

Battery Life has also been reported as 4~6 hours on 2500mAh AAs with 'average usage' assumed. It's usually far less, since you will use it for video and emulation, which requires a lot of horsepower.

Monster Ultra Gold AA Alkaline PowerCells are one brand of 2850mAh batteries. So far, the community has not provided test times for running with various off the shelf batteries, e.g, Duracell Coppertop or Duracell Ultra.


Price may vary between different countries. Just steer clear of auctions on eBay, as they can go a lot higher than what you can get for them from a trusted reseller.

GBAX to America: $189.99 + S&H

GBAX inside Europe: £124.99 + S&H (approx. €185,-)

GBAX elsewhere: $189.99 + S&H

GP2X Shop - Australia: $170 AUD + S&H


  • 8 way digital thumb stick (It's digital, not analog. It's not clicky like the GBA SP, for example.)- read more...
  • 4+1 main action buttons (Thumb stick clicks in for use as an action button)
  • 2 shoulder buttons
  • Start and Select
  • Volume +/-

I/O Ports

  • Headphones
  • USB2.0 (not powered in mk1)
  • EXT Port
  • DC Power - 3.3 Volts, center negative
  • SDIO Hardware Support (No software support (eg. drivers) yet)

See also


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