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GamePark Holdings is the South Korean creator of the GP2X. It is often abbreviated GPH.


Game Park Holdings, History

The linage of GamePark Holdings is a bit confusing. Once there was a company named "GamePark". On June 14, 2004, GamePark released the GP32 console into European markets. The GP32 was nothing special as a game machine, failing to win market share against the Game Boy Advance (GBA) and other competitors. The GP32 did develop an interested community of hackers who liked the ability to run homebrew software on it. There was a disagreement in GamePark about what to do next.

One day (in August 2005?), the tiff escalated. GamePark split into two. "GamePark Holdings" would go forward to create the GP2X with an eye towards the hacker community and openness to homebrew software. "GamePark" would go forward to develop the XGP (eXtreme Game Player), also an open system, to compete with the PSP. One of the GP32 developers went with the new "GamePark Holdings", which went with an open system. "GamePark Holdings" has had some issues complying with open source licenses.

"GamePark" and "GamePark Holdings" are now independent. The only remaining link is that Mr. BH Lee (Ceo of "GamePark Holdings") is a major, nonparticipating shareholder of "GamePark".

Other companies involved in the GP2X

No single company creates anything; it is always an effort between subcontractors, suppliers, and other partners. Here is an alphabetical list.


ARM designed the main processor in the GP2X, the ARM920. It also designed the hardware for the ARM940T coprocessor which usually handles media. These processors are integrated on the single MP2520F chip by MagicEyes.


Conexant produces the CX25874 video output encoder used in the GP2X.


DignSys is thought to be the original subcontractor used to create the embedded Linux port.


GamePark is the precursor to GamePark Holdings. GamePark created the GP32 and, last seen, was developing the XGP game console.


MagicEyes, sometimes called MES Digital, is the manufacturer of the MP2520F chip used in the GP2X.

PLX Technologies

PLX Technology provides the USB controller chip used in the GP2X.


SEPlus is a holding and production company for various communications and creative mobile products. It was once a subcontractor for GamePark Holdings, but has no current relationship. SEPlus was once incorrectly thought to be a holding company for "GamePark Holdings".

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