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The F-200 is a revised version of the GP2X in white color and touchscreen as a new feature.

New on this GP2x:

  • New white default color.
  • Buttons pad.
  • Sound boost.
  • Touchscreen.
  • New fimware 4.0 using tactile function.

There is a massive thread announcing the f200 with many questions answered.

List of known issues, incompatibilities with F-100

  • Sound is (too) loud in lot of emulators and homebrew.
  • gp2xmess doesn't work. More info: [1]
  • F-200 doesn't have a stick click and there is no workaround implemented in Firmware 4.0 (Nethack seems to suffer from this problem). More info: [2]
  • NAND (internal memory) is no longer accessible through USB. More info: [3]
  • F-100 'start' button has been renamed and is called 'home' button in F-200
  • F200 doesn't have a telnet/samba connections via USB, makes it for developers harder to test their software. No easy fix yet. More info: [4]


The d-pad of the F-200 has been discussed in the forums. Most posters think the F-200 pad is a lot better than the stick of the F-100, but there are concerns when it comes to playing certain games. Especially making special rotating moves in fighting games, seems to be a problem. An easy mod has been promoted in this thread

If new incompatibilities appear please add them here or in this thread

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