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Power Requirements

The gp2x console requires a 3.3V @ 1A power supply with a very small, center grounded connector (i.e. center - outside +).Powerplug-negative.jpg

The gp2x cradle requires a 5V @ 2.5A power supply with a medium, center positive connector (i.e. center + outside -). Powerplug-positive.jpg

Commercial Products

Argos UK

  • Masterplug 1200mA 982/9701 £12.99
  • Masterplug 2500mA 982/8915 £14.99 - No longer availible

With these models, line up the word TIP on the end of the wire and the -ve (minus) on the smallest connector, for the center to be ground and the outside to be positive. Push firmly all the way in to the GP2X.


  • To Retro fit or make your own power supply you will need a 0.7X2.35MM plug
    • Digikey Part #CP-012-ND
    • Manufacturer Part #PP-012
    • $0.90 @ qty one
  • The following connector(s) also fit:
    • Maplin DC Power Plug 0.7mm/2.5mm Part #L43AY
  • 3.3V regulator that can handle 1A (I used LM1086 3.3V, 1.5A)
  • Center Ground
  • At 3.3V the unit draws ~380-480mA continuously (Firmware 1.0.1) Note however that programs can now take full advantage of the second core and/or tv output (which was previously limited to the video player) so this power consumption can hit ~800mA. As stated above, extra capacity should be included in any adaptor designs to provide at least 1amp to allow for current spikes.
    • Later figures, for units with 2.x.x firmware and running early-2007 era apps indicate power consumption can hit 1.6A. The official GPH Power Supply supplies 2.0A peak.

Caution / First Aid

Position of the LTSK-Chip in the F100 (Click for bigger version)
Position of the LTAJT-Chip in the F200 (Click for bigger version)

Take care the polarity of the connector is CENTER GROUNDED. Also, when using a universal power supply, MAKE SURE the VOLTAGE is correct!

If you power the GP2X with + and - swapped or with a too high voltage even for just a second, you are likely to fry the voltage converter inside. It is very small and not easy to replace. And while it can be ordered from the manufacturer directly and pretty cheap, shipping costs are skyhigh.

(FYI: In the F100, the chip is labelled U18 and has a big "LTSK" printed on it, which is the part marking for a LTC3402EMS. It is a DC/DC-Converter, that delivers a fixed voltage from 2AA batteries. In the F200, the chip is labelled U27 and has the part marking "LTAJT" printed on it. The full name of the chip is LTC3426ES6. In the F200, the chip is positioned near the display connector and power led.)

External references: German GP2X-Board, Instructions for replacing the converter for an F100

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