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If the general hardware overview isn't gritty enough for you, sink your teeth into some data sheets. Also collected here is other documentation, articles, and notes related to gp2x hardware.



Magic Eyes

To view the MMSP2 datasheet in Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, you will need to manually download and install the Korean Font Pack from Adobe. Acrobat Reader 6.0 and prior should automatically download the Korean font pack when required.

USB 2.0 Controller

  • NET2272 USB 2.0 Peripheral Controller (rev.1a) (557k .pdf) (alternative location: of that URL)
    • The NET2272 supports Microsoft’s Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), which allows playback of WMA and WMV files with Digital Rights Management (DRM).
    • PLX also provides device firmware supporting the USB Mass Storage standard. This means that PCs can recognize these devices without additional Host drivers.
    • Net2272 is a USB-function device, and as a result is a slave to the USB host.
  • It seems the Gp2x F-200 use diferent chip (GL827)to control USB that doesn't support USB networking (or any other gadget drivers).

CX25784 video encoder

Further Reading

General ARM

  • Optimization of an MP3 Decoder on the ARM Processor. -- Only partially published. See IEEE restricted site
  • Parallelism and the ARM Instruction Set Architecture -- Only partially published. See IEEE restricted site
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