Music Player


The GP2X can support the following audio formats:

  • MP3 - .mp3 filename extension
  • OGG - .ogg filename extension

Note: The GP2X Music Player does not support playlist. However if you do want an audio player that supports playlists, check out OldPlay.

How To Use

  1. From the Main Menu, choose the Music option and press B to select. You will be presented with the Music Player screen
  2. Choose the SD Memory Card option and press B to select it.
  3. Choose the song you wish to listen to and press B to select. The audio player will then appear and start to play your chosen song.
  4. Pressing Y will show or hide the player's Options Bar.
  5. The Volume buttons found on the GP2X can be pressed to increase or decrease the volume in 10 settings.
  6. You can also lock the buttons and turn the screen off and on by pressing Select to save battery life and also avoid unnecessary button pressing.
  7. To exit the Music Player press X twice to return to the file list screen or press Start to return to the Main Menu.

Options Bar

  • Pressing Y will toggle the Options Bar.
  • Use the joystick to change between the options and press B to select.
  • You can select the following options:
    • Previous Track
    • Next Track
    • Skip Backwards
    • Skip Forwards
    • Play
    • Pause
    • Stop
    • Open a new file
    • Equalizer
  • The Equalizer has eleven presets to suit the style of music. These are Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic, Dance, Heavy Metal, Disco, Soft, Live 3D and Hall. To change between these highlight the Equalizer option and press B to cycle through the presets.
  • You can also set play mode to Normal, Repeat Track, Repeat All, Shuffle, Shuffle Repeat.

Alternative Music Players

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