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Developer(s) Craigix
Version 3.0 Full
Status Fully usable

CraigAmp, also know as Camp, is an alternate Audio player that is very versatile.

The source code is available at



  • Create a folder for your music files, and extract the contents of the archive into it.
  • Run the gpe file


Skip back a track
Skip forward a track
Begin playing (will continue to play the next track etc. until stopped)
Shuffle and Play - Lit in red when active
Repeat - Lit in red when active (Will repeat the current song until start is pressed again)
Select : Brings up options window (Playlists, skins, defaults, lock mode, delete song)
Up/Down in list, Left is page up, Right is page down.**
Increase / Decrease volume (shown in top right of screen) Range: 0 (mute) - 10 (headphones) - 120 (max)

Developer comments

Oh yes?

Well, hello there and welcome to CraigAmp (or Camp), an open source music player for the GP2X.

It has every essential feature of an MP3/OGG player (IMO).

I designed and coded CraigAmp 2.0 for use in cars or on home sound systems, however you can also use it on the go as it has a lock function. It seems you can downclock to around 100mhz without any issue so it should be good for 8 hours of use on good batteries.

It supports MP3 (all types inc VBR), OGG (all types), WAV (any) and MOD (best of luck).

Sound is always at 44kHz.

Features supported

To use the keyboard input method just scroll along the boxes and use the corrisponding keys on the GP2X Y,A,B,X pad. You should find you can type surprisingly quickly with this technique.
ID3 Tags 
Main info is shown in 3 boxes.
You can search the current dir for a string in the title or the id3 tag and either play the results or save them as a playlist. This means you can search & display by TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, GENRE & TRACK COMMENTS.
In 'View : Song Information' or 'View : File list & Pictures' mode CraigAmp will try to find artwork associated with the current track/album/artist. It works in this order: First it tries to find a jpg name which contains the TRACK NAME. Then it looks for a jpg which contains the ALBUM NAME then finally it looks for a jpg which contains the ARTIST NAME. If none of these are found it will display nothing. It only looks in the DIR which the track is in.
The player will remember your settings and where you last were and start from that location when it is ran again. Volume, DIR, playing song, shuffle on/off & skin is saved. Note that Volume is only saved when a new song starts, and a skin when you choose to save the skin on the skin browser. Note: If the player ever fails to start (black screen) delete the file '' from /music.
Ramdonly play songs from your DIR or playlist, a further feature is that it won't replay the same song too soon.
Uses WinAmp format (.m3u), you can load a winamp playlist - but be sure to recreate the same DIR structure as your PC (and that the .m3u file is in the same place), If a file is not found it may cause a crash. You should check your DIRs to make sure it is setup correctly. Also note that the GP2X file system seems to have issues with extended characters (symbols) so if they are found in a playlist the song will be ignored to avoid a crash. The solution is to manually add the song from the CraigAmp playlist editor.
Playlist Editor 
Here you can make and edit your playlists, name the playlist with the keyboard input then add songs or entire DIRs with A & B. The files are saved as standard m3u files and will work on your PC too. To delete songs from a playlist press select then use start to remove a track, note that the playlist will then be resaved with the song removed.
Lock up 
To activate lockup press select to bring up the options window and then press L then R. 'LOCKED' will appear. To exit the lockup press L then R then Select quickly. To skip back and forward through songs in this mode quickly tripple click L or R. After 6 seconds of lockup the LCD will disable to save batteries. To quickly look at the LCD for 2 seconds without unlocking press start (don't worry, an accidently held down start button won't keep the LCD on for more than 2 seconds).
CPU Speed 
You can select the speed you want, the lower the bitrate of your songs the lower you can go, the lower you can go the longer your battery life. 140Mhz seems good for any MP3 (0-320kbps). Beware that switching cpu speeds too much may cause SDL sound to crash meaning you will need to reset, the CPU speed is saved however, so it is best not to switch around CPU speeds too much - find what suits you and stick to it.
Screen mode 
Select from auto off (activates after 7 seconds of no activity from the user), Auto off + lockup (locks the keypad and turns off the screen after 7 seconds), always on + lockup (just locks the keys screen stays on) & always on.
Switches between the file browser and file info/album art.
Fast Forward and Rewind 
When in the options menu (press select) left and right become fastforward and rewind. Note it can take a while to fast forward a long way into a song.
Press Select to bring up the options window, then select Skins (Y), CraigAmp comes with 10 or so skins but you can make your own, just view a skin in a paint program and you will see how it works, to load a skin you have to be in the same DIR as it when you enter the skin browser.
Delete a song 
Press Select to bring up the options window and select 'Delete Song' to delete the song you have highlighted. If the song is currently playing it will stop and the next one will play. The deletion is final and cannot be undone.

Feel free to make new skins and hack the code or add support for new file formats (should be quite easy).

CraigAmp uses Libmad and all decoding is fixed point based. Porting to other portable devices is encouraged!

To contact me i can be found on (craigix) boards or via

The included skins are based on designs I found online by 'Jones Owns', Richard Pettifer & Sonistar.

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