The source code for this program is amazing! It's in a single file 3000 lines long with no indentation! Craig, have you heard of the && operator? For example, this line:

if (gotone==0) if (currentsong[0]>0) if (strlen(currentsong)>1) if (comparethis(pictures[i],currentsong)!=0) {coverart = IMG_Load(pictures[i]); i=ypics; gotone=1;}

would be much clearer with && and it would generate exactly the same machine code:

if (gotone == 0 && currentsong[0] > 0 && strlen (currentsong) > 1
    && comparethis (pictures[i], currentsong) != 0)
  IMG_Load (pictures[i]);
  i = ypics;
  gotone = 1;

The program itself is excellent though, I just wanted to tweak it a bit to disable the triple-clicking when the screen is locked because I kept accidentally doing it and I was amazed at the code. No offence meant.

--Bpeel 01:33, 13 January 2007 (PST)

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