roorerboor SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output) allows peripheral devices to be used on the GP2X such as:

Linux Drivers

Recent drivers released for linux with ARM capabilities have increased the possibility for SDIO devices to be run on the GP2X.

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Potential uses

Some potential uses for SDIO are:

  • P2P activities via Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Multiplayer Games via Bluetooth/WiFi
  • GPS Pacman
  • Portable Digital TV
  • Eye-Toy
  • Voice Notetaker
  • Portable photo capturing/OCR
  • Scannerz games
  • Secure data encryption using Biometrics
  • FM radio capture and playback

Obviously with most of the devices the software will have to be preloaded into the internal NAND memory as they do not have storage capabilities.

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