About me

Currently re-learning C++ and learning SDL.

Aquired the Solixa Protocol to create the Solixa port for the GP2X

Currently reading:

  • C++ A Beginner's Guide Second Edition (Hard Copy)
  • A First Book of ANSI C Third Edition (Hard Copy)
  • Beginning Programming in 24 Hours (Hard Copy)
  • C++ in 24 Hours (Hard Copy)
  • Focus on SDL (eBook)
  • And various other ebooks

What type of apps/programs would you like to see on the GP2X?

  • I personally would like to see a WiFi detector or even Netstumbler or Kismet when the SDIO drivers have been sorted out.
  • Another thing would be a Bluesnarfing app to interface with mobilephones in the vacinity
  • A great community based MMORPG which would definately be open source
  • Web Browser ie. Links or heavily watered down Firefox
  • VNC client to use your computer in another room
  • Enhanced media player with streaming media from your network or internet if ping isnt too high and the console can handle it
  • GBA emulator to play all the greats
  • Official games that are open source
  • Flash player

What I'd like to see on this wiki

I would love the following things done for the community or for the wiki either by my self once i am able to do so or by the community:

  • More ported libraries like Speex and the mysql library and SDL_NET
  • Instructions on howto setup Dev-C++ to compile GP2X executables in windows
  • Decent software rendered engines like the Irrlicht Engine
  • Open source 2D/3D game which everyone can help out with (I was thinking a 3D Multiplayer racer)
  • A rumour mill, for all the talk about the new gp2x that has the better batteries (Li-Ion?) and WIFI built in which allegedly comes out Q2 next year.
  • More GPH support and a decent website, it feels like they are shruging us off (non-koreans) without much feedback


Please place your reccomendations in the comments


You on irc at all ?

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